To want to be homewreckers

On Oct 10th a woman who obviously has absolutely no dignity what so ever actually put her phone between her legs and sent a pic of this disguisting sight to my husband. He is a good man and loves me and only me! He told me about it as soon as he got it because knew this pathetic person was only trying to cause drama! She knows exactly who she is and so do we! My husband was furious! I feel more sorry for her than anything. Can not imagine being so desperate and having no self respect what so ever! Next time you try this at least cover up scabs!! Obviously my husband was NOT INTERESTED LOL!! He said if you lay down with a DOG your going to get up with fleas!! But is changing his phone number just because you are sickening!! And he is scared to check his own phone now! NOW THAT IS AS PATHETIC AS YOU ARE!!

Oct 28, 2013

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  • she may not have any dignity but she has something you dont. your husband.

  • Unfortunately, I believe the consensus is probably correct: he's been having an affair with this other gal for some time. My larger concern, however, is for your physical health. If her "privates" look as you described them, then she probably has an STD or two. Or five. Which means YOU probably have one or more, as well. The photo, I fear, was to announce that unfortunate fact to your husband and to you, in the most disgusting and offensive way possible. Go to your GYN, get blood drawn, and have it tested for everything out there. And then? Divorce that piece of s*** you're married to. He doesn't love you. He only loves himself. I'm very, very sorry.

  • This other woman you're battling is one of the sexiest women alive. You can't win. Your marriage is over.

  • .....yep........she knows how to manipulate a man in ways you cant imagine and she knows things about men that you dont know. she is going to win and she is going to take your husband......permanently.

  • I have to agree with these other posters, I'm afraid: it seems almost certain that your husband is already deeply involved in an affair with this woman, and it's her plan to drive a wedge between you and your husband. And I'm also afraid to say that I think she's going to succeed . . . if she hasn't already succeeded.

  • He's f****** her, and just pretending he isn't.

  • You need to check him for fleas then, because he definitely has them. Sorry.......

  • hes already f****** that nasty s****.

  • Your husband has been having an affair with her for months, maybe longer. She sent the pic hoping you would find it and divorce him, then she would have him all to herself. That is going to happen, sooner or later. You're just in her way.

  • Your husband may say he's not interested, but he's totally f****** that b****. Wearing her ass out.

  • Your husband is already tapping that. Sorry.

  • your so right. lots of women just love taking another womans man. they get off on that. and then they dump the guy and go get another married man. sounds like thats whats up here.

  • Maybe you should check your husband's phone for outgoing text messages and pics. Not saying that there aren't women who will do something like this for attention. But sounds like she was asked to send a photo. Remember it takes two to tango. Maybe your husband was having a little fun flirting and got scared and that's why he came clean to tell you. Of course, your husband is going to cover it up. He can still love you, but he is a man and men look.

  • ^^ totally correct ^^

  • shes not pathetic. shes taking your husband.

  • Absolutely true. She's not only trying to take your husband, she is totally GOING to take your husband.

  • Don't act so naive,you are getting me disgusted!I know you wanna believe your hubby but it sounds like he is got you fooled.Did you ask him how she got his phone number? For a woman to send that kind of pic,she must be very comfortable with him or something must have happened.Dig deeper into this and get wiser. I have f***** enough married women or women in my life to know that something is fish.

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