What is it with women?

I hate the way women think they own you just because you go to bed with them and say some bullshit stuff about love, whatever that means. Damn! You look at another chick and they go nuts, as if your eyes were under their jurisdiction. What is up with that? Why do they have to be sooooo freakin possessive and try to put limits on your God given rights as a man to make as many women happy as you can. These babes would rather a man be selfish and just satisfy them when there are so many lonely women in need of a man's generous attention. And is it not said in the Good Book to go forth and multiply? Why can't women understand that simple, magnanimous concept. Are they too dimwitted to get it?

Dec 20, 2012

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  • LMAO! Who's the dimwit here, Sparky?

    In case you haven't noticed, we're up to 7.7 billion people. So deranged monkeys like you can stop using the "but duh buy-bull says" excuse. Also, kindly explain how any world, overpopulated or not, could benefit from any more jackholes like you running around? (Protip: that was rhetorical, hon.)

  • What IS it with men ? If you COMMIT to someone then you are supposed to be faithful. So quit your whining. Be straightforward with women and tell that you have no intention of being faithful (and don't tell them you LOVE them) if you want to be able to keep f****** around. Are you too dimwitted to get that ?

  • Kiss my t***, Scumbag Chauvinist! May your b**** become small as peas, like your teensy d***!

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