Sort of a demon

For the past few weeks about three guys have confessed their feelings to me and Im not sure what to do about it. I like only two fn them but the other one is a total creeper. One of them is in 11th grade the other in 12th, im a freshman, im not sure if its weird or not. The 11th grader is in total kahoots about me, the other is trying to make me love him. I text both of them normaly, lets just call them one and two. So one told me that they love me more than their girlfriend so they broke up with them tobe with me. Two calls me cute and pretty and tells one to get out of the way but dosnt realizethat I am dating One. I think of my self as a sucubus and a kind of mental w**** only because i mess with mens' heads and makes them love me. ((Features that make them like me so much are i guess my super short boyish hair, my eyes that are far set, and my slim body (not sure just assuming). ))

So to get to the point and put this in a nutshell, both one and two love/like me, im dating one, two dosnt know but jealous anyway, and im not fully on to this relation "ship" i.e not sure weather i like one as much as he thinks i do.

Such a player i know.

*warning grammar and spelling might not be correct, only because typing on a s***** tablet keyboard*

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