My wife and her friend

My wife is 26 petite and has nice C cup for her short size. I am 34 and 6'5". She started working at a ladies salon about 6 months ago; although my wife is social and friendly she never has or makes any male friends. She doesn’t smoke drinks only wine or champagne doesn’t go to bars or clubs.
She became friends with this very cute 28 year old Asian lady, Kim. Kim had a knock out body petite and could pass for a model in my opinion. They always hung out at the house discussing crap which never interested me. Sometime ago I was relaxing on the couch and watching a show as my beautiful wife came in the room sat next to me. One look at her I had to kiss her and in that kiss I sensed something is not right. I inquired about what has been bothering her. And she told me that Kim was a transsexual, this shocked me and my jaw was literally wide open.
Her Asian friend who I swore was a female model of some sort was in fact on hormone therapy since she was 16 and was a guy. My wife was worried and confessed that she was as surprised as the look on my face was. She sat there looking at me holding my hand and with trembling voice told me that she got curious and wanted to see how much transformation she had done. To which Kim sprinted up and took off her clothes and showed her c*** to my wife. My wife started crying at this time and told me that 3 bottles of champagne was a factor of her judgment being impaired and she didn’t mean to do what she did. She promised me never to see Kim again and deleted her number from her phone.
I assured her that it was perfectly fine as long as nothing else happened, to which she said that she doesn’t remember much about the evening, but woke up fully clothed alone on the couch and her friend was asleep in her bed.
Although my heart was filled with jealousy and anger, I kissed my wife and told her it was fine and come watch the rest of the show with me. The evening went on fine. For the past few weeks my wife has been an angel towards me taking care of any and all things making sure I don’t have to lift a finger to do anything. I seriously don’t mind helping my wife in anything but what I have learned from our past is when she says; “I got it” I back off.
Last night I was looking for her cousin’s number through her phone and accidentally pressed photos instead of contacts on her phone, the icons are side by side. In there was a surprise for me, pictures of Kim and my wife from that drunken night. I don’t know why she hasn’t deleted them. Kim was completely naked with his c*** hard, in the background I saw a mirror with my wife standing there taking this pic of Kim completely nude. Scrolled some more and found a video of them having s**, it was mostly audio as they were both extremely drunk and slurring their words.
I heard them having s** and heard my wife orgasming to another person’s c*** and Kim passed out on top of her and after a minute or two my wife got up and what I hear to be door opening closing and then clothes rustling.
I am numb at the moment and don’t know what to tell her or do. I’m still digesting this new found info and it’s making me nauseated, angry, jealousy, hatred, yet I love her.
I’m confused.

Dec 23, 2012

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  • Dude, I would see if I could get into a threesome. I have had s** with women and transgendered ladies. Having a partner who shared my attraction to ts ladies would keep things interesting.

  • I feel sorry for you.But at the same time,your confession made me belly laugh!!! Lol
    Confront your wife,about what you accidentally found.Be diplomatic and non-confrontational.It's obvious already,that she feels guilty about,her night of lapse in judgement.
    She revealed some parts of that night to you,but not all.

    Sorry again,but thank you for the "chuckles!"

  • I have f***** over 360 women of different races and looks.Some of these women were married and very trusted by their husbands. Few of them were lesbians.I have been married and divorced 3 times and some of those statements have been said to me from my own wives.My second wife ended up with a bad sexual disease I did not have!I have never trusted a woman who tell me she was with a man and nothing happened. As soon as I saw that statement,I knew the wife had lied to you.I was shocked to find myself right,at the end of your story.
    I know you nurse all the feeling you described and some.We cannot tell you what to do really,you gonna have to figure it out yourself after thinking about it and talking to your loving wife.As someone said,she is either trying to gain back your trust of was sure hiding something. The bottom line is your loving wife LIED to you and you have video and audio to prove it.
    I wish you well.

  • Why divorce damn it? Look, I'm a guy 24 years old... Trannies are not that bad as you know, you can really take advantage of this situation. I have been with my gf for 2.5 years and I convinced her of having threesomes with women, trannies an open relationship. The only thing was to never ever fall emotionally for somebody else... and damn man... our s** life has been reallyyy good lately. i get to f*** other women with her... lol... and she loves it too.

    So c´mon buddy! dont be that square! life comes to and end one day and you dont wanna regret a life full of stupid prejudices and worrying about senseless s*** society tells you to do.

    Re evaluate the situation and talk to your wife, be honest to each other and consolidate your love and relationship first, after have fun the two of you and be happy!

    Regards bud!

  • Where there's smoke, there's fire...this Asian TranMan has already f***** her b**** deep for starters. And the way she's acting, no good is going to come from this. Get ahead of it and divorce her...NOW.

  • Hey dude, I'm a girl and honestly with her not letting you do anything.. at first I'm like.. humm...she could be doing that to like gain your trust back, but then again...she also might be hiding something. i wouldn't say you were snooping around her phone because it was an accident that you came across them, but be like he i was looking for this persons number and i accidentally pressed the wrong thing and found stuff that i kinda wanna talk to you about. even though your upset about it and stuff. if you love her as much and it shows you do, then be up front with her...then only time will tell. ya know? good luck bro. i hope things work out.

  • I'm sorry to hear that man, Ask her about the pics, the video, and ask her why she hadn't deleted them.

  • Never trust an aisan tranny...had one steal my boyfriend in college.

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