No title needed. Just a sad story

On the outside most people see a cute, happy girl with no worries. I wish. I have a form of alopeca and I worry every single day that I'm just gonna end up bald one day. Im only 19. I often ask myself why me...and what have I done to have to deal with this H***. I want to tell a friend but im just so scared that no one will like me anymore. Then I think to myself, S**** society. I dont need hair to feel beautiful. But thats when I remember that I DO need it to feel beautiful. I dont know if anyone will understand, but it literally HURTS to have the one thing you loved about yourself being slowly taken away from you no matter how hard you try to stop it. I've tried the staying hopeful method and the woman up method...they dont work anymore. I just have to accept the fact that one day 90% of my hair might be gone and I will be clipping out coupons for a new wig every once in awhile. Thanks everyone. Please pray for me.

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  • Mine runs in the family. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You will go through the stages of grief and learn to love yourself.

    Did you ever hear that song by India Aire?

    I'm not your average girl in your video
    And I ain't built like a supermodel
    But I learn to love myself unconditionally
    Because I am a QUEEN.

    I spent a lot of years hiding, grieving, covering it up, having a BIG secret that really wasn't a secret to anyone. I basically wasted years drinking and partying because I couldn't deal with reality.

    I have to tell you that it's helpful to talk to someone. A counselor or a trusted friend. There is a wonderful life waiting for you.

    I have a wonderful man and child and a baby on the way. They love me for me. Thinning hair and everything.

  • No sweat buy wigs there are far worse medical problems you could be saddled with.

  • Don't feel bad. I have a really bad skin condition. Sebhorric dermatitis my skin drys and flakes off like I'm a snake women. It has even went into my scalp and takes my hair line out because it gets so tender. Honey in life there are worse things out there then what we have. Don't let it get you down. Just remember it could always get worse.

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