My Father Beats Me

I'm fifteen though I've gone by a lot of ages over the internet. I'm almost considered a f****** genius, though I'm sure that won't show right now. I can barely type because my left arm just got f****** demolished by my s******* of a father. He doesn't beat me often, but when he does, he pulls out all of the f****** stops. He cheated on my mother, divorced her, and then f****** lived in our g****** basement. This stupid m*********** once punched me in the throat, then the gut so hard I vomited. Another time, he threatened to throw me over a balcony, repeatedly screaming, "You think you're a f****** man? Prove it! Hit me!" He punched me repeatedly then, threw me into a wall so hard that I broke halfway through it. I had to sleep at a friend of the family's house that night. This time though, he pinned me against the wall and started choking me. I told him I was better than him, that I didn't have to hurt him to get my point across. Then he stopped. He pushed me so hard into the bedpost I broke it. Then he pinned me down and held my back against the nails of the bed. As I went down, he punched my arm so hard it flew into the broken wood, cutting it deeply and bruising me all the way up the arm. I'm in martial arts. I should be able to take him. But whenever he tries to hurt me, I freeze. He keeps apologizing to me. If he ever lays a hand on my younger brother (age 11) I will kill him. I will. I wish I was dead myself, but that will have to wait, if only to protect my mother and brother.


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  • Plus, sticking up for yourself, like by calling the police, will often times stop a bully, or at least make him think twice. Also, after the report is made, if you turn up dead, hes the first one they'll look for.

  • Yes, tell the police. If you accidenly hurt him later on, it'll be easier to claim self defense. Also, you'll get a break while he's in jail. If you wait, he might kill you, then who'll protect your family. I say again, go to the police.

  • I hate bullies. Particularly ones that beat up their own kids. Total s***-stains of humanity. Martial arts or not- there is no such thing as a fair fight in this sense so kick that p**** in his small nut sack next time. Poke his eyes out, pull his ear off, bite him. Easier said tha done I know but I am no fan of the police: when seconds count, cops are minutes away.

  • Well, take your brother and run. If you don't think that's an option, try gymnastics. Just dodge your 'dad' until he gives up. But you really should call 911, or some other hotline that deals with this stuff.

  • Listen to the first post, you need to call someone fast. He could end up killing someone (or you.) He obviously has anger issuses and needs help. If you call someone now it may save you, your brother's and your mother's lives. Call 911 or childline

  • need to call somebody. It's DFAX where I live, but damn...just call 911. Your Pop is out of control.

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