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At the begining of 2012 a good friend of mine and I started dating. It wasn't really much of a relationship, both of us being really awkward unless we talked via Skype or text messages. About three months into the relationship, a roommate of mine started to invite a friend of his over, and me and him got on amazingly well, we both played video games, shared similar interest in music etc. Anyway we started hanging out alot more than what me and my boyfriend did, I began to start feeling guilty for enjoying spending time with my male friend more.
After much thinking and reasoning in my head I left my boyfriend, this was about 5 months ago, and ever since then I miss him on a daily bases.. we still talk and hang out occasionally...
I guess what I'm asking is, what steps do you think I could take to begin the relationship again.
I apologize if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes, English is not my first language

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  • Really, I thank you blew it with your boyfriend, by HANGING out with the guy, ask your boyfriend if he still care about you, Tell your boyfriend how much you care about him, just sit down and talk to your boyfriend, see if he still care about you.....

  • Think you need to figure out how you want your ex to fit into your life. Do you miss the friendship? or miss him as a boyfriend? And if you do reconnect with can things continue? Because it sounds like skype and text messages is not enough for you. If he is open to reconnecting, can you two plan to actually meet in person? You could just send him a text and ask him how he's doing and tell him you miss talking with him. See if he responds. Be prepared, he may have moved on. But at least it's a start...

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