Bosses Daughter

I'm a male black that's a police officer in a small town in the midwest. Every year my captain has a party for all the staff at his house just to thank us for our hard work throughout the year. He has three daughters 19, 20 and 24. They are all very cute Irish girls. The twenty year old is very liberal and the prettiest out of the three. At the time of his party I've been divorced for the past two years so you could say I needed some affection. The 20 year old who is Kirin goes to school in Atlanta is ultra liberal and that seems to p*** her father off a bunch. Me and kirin at the party started to talk about equal rights and those marches in the sixties. As we were talking I began to get the vibe. The vibe that a woman is sexually attracted to you. After the conversation I was talking to some of my colleagues and from the corner of my eye from across the yard Kirin is staring at me with the look. My heart began to race because we are both attracted to each other. At the end of the night I was saying my goodbyes and Kirin asked me for a ride into town to meet some friends at a starbucks. I felt funny saying yes in front of my boss but he didn't think anything of it. We were driving in my pickup and Kirin suddenly said turn here I want you to see the view of the town from here. I said okay relax! we drove to this small lookout and as soon as I stopped the car she attacks me. I'm 39 and 6'2" and she's this little 5'0" petite girl. She was literally on top of me. We are making out and I'm thinking her father would kill me if he saw this. I'm rock hard and take my d*** out and she begins to lick it. She could only get the head in her tiny mouth. After only 3 minutes I c** in her mouth on her face and she starts to cry. She then says I'm sorry don't tell my Dad I said no problem and dropped her off. I felt so guilty that night I couldn't sleep. It feels so much better to write about it.

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  • I like how she say don't tell my dad, oh yeh like you would????? Oh sir I just want to inform you one of your daughters sucked my c*** I hope you don't mind lol

  • I hope the boss finds out and fuking kills you both, especially that n***** fuking b****.

  • Yep, its bullshit...she takes you to a lookout on the town and you don`t know it?????lol

  • I call bullshit..

  • Man you must not be that bright as a police officer and I am sorry to say that.I am a black man too! You gave too much info here for your boss or a member of your dept to find out.You may lose your job for sure if the daughter says something and it finally reaches dad-your boss. What if you had been caught doing that with the girl?Any way you look at it,I think you made a mistake and a judgement error.You are going to be very uncomfortable around the boss at work or at the next party that he will start suspecting something is wrong and he will eventually find out.I hope not.

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