Went for shopping at a store and noticed a woman with suspecious behavior. Here's what I did: I encompassed myself around her until she changed her mind. I refused to leave her sight. She noticed my presence and walked away. I believe she changed her mind.

I personally believe it is vital for an individual to realize the consequences of their actions. Calling the security guards would've made the situation worse but I'm glad she changed her mind because now, she's become minded about it. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt is sometimes enough to bring the normal state of mind.

I hope she is proud of her decision. She deterred herself from guiltripping. Guilt free life is pieceful and happy if not everything.

May 17, 2018

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  • So u basically just spent ur day stalking some lady bc u deemed her suspicious u have no life and a big f****** head lol it feels like ur patting urself on the back as u wrote this post when u literally did nothing but pry make some poor girl uncomfortable and nervous bc some weirdo wont stop stalking her . u better be damn sure someones stealing when u turn into a detective like this bc little girl might not of said any thing to the man? following her but plz try that s*** on a big dude there gonna confront u and i bet ur p**** slams shut as u turn and run for the security to de escalte the situation u created and then the security will say well why didnt u just get us to handle ur suspicions to begin with and the only answers there are is bc ur a f****** moron or u were giving ur egotistical self a false sense if power and its peaceful not peiceful u f****** loser maybe u should steal a dictionary

  • Good job...

  • Thank you (:

  • I caught this teen shoplifting. I thought she's going to steal something so I got out my phone and videod her and eventually got really obvious footage of her.

    Then I showed her.

    Now she's my slave

  • Taking the advantage of situation....let her go...leave her alone...listen to the good man in u

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