I've been looking at young girls from my window

There is a bit of unused land at the back of my house which is fenced off but the youngsters do get in there and hang out in the summer. The noise can be quite annoying but last week when I heared them I went up to my bedroom to look out the window to see what the were doing.

I noticed that a group of younger girls had started hanging out. I get quite a clear view and noticed that one of them had an extremely short skirt on. I think that they are trying to impress some of the older boys and this one in particular really seeemd to enjoy tarting, around in front of them. She was only about 12 but so attractive and so sexy! I am late 40's so I really shoulnd but I feel so aroused watching 12 year olds but truth is I did. I actually dropped my pants and played away with myself while I watched her and had an amazing climax!

I cant wait for her to come back so I can climax myself again!



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  • That is a very naughty thing to do isn't it! They sound lovely though!

  • Biden, is that you,...??

  • Biden, lol. Meanwhile Trump would have his daughter with the t*** he loves sit in his lap, even in public. I don't need to wonder what was going on there...

  • Your sin will find you out. Be sure of that.....

  • Listen as long as the consent and you don't get caught, f*** all the kids you want, you beautiful b******

  • Underage kids can't give consent you stupid sickfucking PEDO. And hope you all get caught by the police. Or better yet the parents they will give the justice you deserve, death.

  • Do many of them smoke?

  • Disgusting

  • Yawn, the only cure for you in too take a gun to your privates and watch you slowly bleed to death.

  • I hope ya'll pedos in the comments get caught for what you do.

  • Are you a f****** s*** s****** or a priest, or perhaps you're just a boring c***.
    If you're so saintly why the f*** are you on this f****** website arsehole ?

  • LOL this proves how sad you really are stay mad babe

  • This is my favorite reply ever :3 love you man

  • No we are people that like to read true adult confessions. But when we see this nasty pedo posts we speak our mind about it. It is wrong to have s** with children , Sinff their panties and J*** off to them. Thats because you pedo's want to have s** with them and one day you will be with a child and Fantasias become reality and you will mess up a child's life then it should be a death penalty for you.

  • How the h*** do you ruin a life by sniffing panties?

  • Why do you sniff their underwear? Because you want to have s** with them. And giving the chance you would and you know it. So your are a pedo.

  • Do you have 5 yo at home I would like to fuckk her...thanks

  • Sickfucking Pedo's

  • Just think how tight she would be it would be so nice

  • Donโ€™t worry somebody up there is watching soon these ass holes will be fuckedd by h*** monsters

  • There is a youthful innocence. I like my daughter to wear skimpy outfits. My job as dad is just to make sure she is safe.

  • I am a guy in my early 20s and i live at home and work at a good job.Our neighbors house is about 10 or so feet from our house and their 14 year old daughters bedroom window faces my bedroom window,but is a couple feet below my window.The girl is a bedwetter and at night i look out my window and into her room and watch as her mom puts her bedwetting diapers and plastic panties on her! Her curtains are never closed and i can plainly see the whole process! I get really hard watching her mom diapering her and usually wind up j**********!

  • That is sofucking fake A 14 year old can't dress her self? And she can't stop wetting the bed. Keep dreaming pedo keep dreaming

  • I sit in my car and shoot massive loads when young school girls go past in there short skirts. 10 yr old my favourite.

  • Mmmmmmmmm still a nice bald p ussy

  • You are a disgusting sickfucking pedo die you bald headed old man.

  • I see a girls skirt blow up in the wind as shew walking around the park with her mum about 12 or 13 love bum in little white knickers I had to look lol

  • Nice. Would be nice to knickerless too.
    Bald or with some hairs I wonder.
    What colour was the hair on her head ?

  • Sick and disgusting

  • Blond

  • Had to look or had to lick?

  • Some teens are so sexy.

  • I sit in my car and s**** as they walk past.
    Those with t*** are my favourites , knowing that they almost certainly have hairy a hairy p**** and have never been f*****. I'd love to f*** a hairy schoolgirl's tight little c***.
    My step daughter is thirteen and I regularly sniff her dirty knickers and find her stray hairs in them.

  • Sickfucking pedos go shoot yourself

  • I got to sniff and lick a 13 yr old knickers. Shot my load across the room. Best ever.

  • The scent from between their legs is amazing. Finding the odd stray p*** gets me hard everytime.

  • Me too. Especially in the warm weather when they wear less and it is.easy to see their shapely bodies, their developing b****** that indicate that they have pubes and the shapes of their legs leading to thoughts of what they have between their legs. Gets me rock hard.

  • Twisted sickfucking pedos

  • I so like there young legs in short skirts. Would reach up under there skirts pull there knickers down and bury my face in there tight wet young cunny. Ain't nothing as good as a pretty young school girl.

  • Nice young bald c unts taste amazing

  • I have played from my car while watching too. I would love to hear from any like minded people ๐Ÿ˜‰ oldgingerboy100@protonmail.com

  • More bullshit

  • Glad to hear I am not the only one who enjoys spun king when pretty young school girls walk past.

  • Love c umming to any young p ussy

  • Young pu ssy is the only one worth spun king too. The rest are just convenient.

  • Your a twisted sickfuck who should be castrated pedo

  • Real young, nice chubby pus lovely puffy lips

  • Chubby pus nice and soft.

  • You are one of many In assure you.

  • Good I was wondering if other guys did it. A few times the school girl has seen me shoot a huge load just as they walk past. Would be cool if they took it in there soft young mouths.

  • Eatshit and die pedos

  • Mouth butt pus she should let you have all e like a good school girl

  • School girls should all be on there knees with mouths open ready to take the massive load. All the dumb idiots are worth. Cu m dumpster

  • Your head is a dumpster it's full of S*H*I*T now

  • If they can't pleasure a man by the time they start school daddy didn't raise them right

  • I work in the UK and drive a van and my deliveries are down by the coast. One lunch time about 2 years ago I was parked up in a beach car park having my lunch break when a young girl who must have been no more than 12 years old or perhaps a bit younger came up from the beach wearing the most daring all in one pink swimming costume. I was amazed that her parents let her wear it but it got me aroused as it was so tight around her crotch I could see the defining outline of her v*g*n*, then to my pleasure she went to the rear of the car parked in front, opened it and turned around to look inside the boot and search for something and when she bent over her little costume was tight into her b*t*o* and although the front of my van was between us , she was less than 5 feet away from me. I took my e*r*c*t p*n*s out and w*n*e* myself crazy, she was gorgeous.

  • Fuckoff and die pedos

  • Last year I was at the coast in a car park by the public toilets. I watched two cute young girls in bikinis go in, I went into the gents a saw a hole in the wall. I watched these cuties pull down their bottoms and pee, their hairless cunnies puffy and pink. I took out my c*** and wanked making some noises to make them curious so they looked through the hole and I blasted my load.

  • Love hairless little p****

  • Nicer if she had wa nked you

  • Good for you. I would do exactly the same. Underage girls are the only ones worth spun king over.

  • You are worse thecrap hanging off a dog a$$

  • That sounds so h****. We have similar minds.

  • Mmm. We share the same fantasy!๐Ÿ˜

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