here's a true story for you! I was

here's a true story for you!

I was going over to my friends house to drink beers and get drunk on a Friday afternoon. I get there and he only has a few beers left. Well, his neighbor girlfriend shows up and we all start partying together. My buddy is trying to get all sweet and touchy feely on this girl and she was being evasive.

We run out of beer and I told my buddy I would buy if he would fly. He agreed and left for the store. Well, I take one look at this chick and she looks and me. We probably said two or three sentences to each other and we were french kissing and groping and really getting more and more turned on. Well, I said, do you think we have time? and she said yeah, let's hurry!

So we go into my buddies bedroom and I tag it on his bed! :P
Yeah, am I b******! So What! We literally had seconds to put our clothes back on when my buddy came waltzing in! HA!

We are smiling and not saying a whole lot. My buddy keeps trying to touch this girl. I was just laughing and being like "Whats Up!?!?!?! Well, my buddy finally quit trying to squeeze on this chick and we were all pretty much trashed and it was late.

The girl and I were like trying to secretly talk but my buddy knew something was up and so we couldn't talk. Well, he finally had to pee and she said that she would say she was going home and then meet me up the street at the store.

So she said goodnight. I told my friend I was tired and I was going home. I picked up my little cutie and took her back to my place. I tagged it for several hours! It was all good. Even better, I know my roommates heard and enjoyed immensely every oooh and aaah coming out of my room. We literally tore it up until the sun came up. I then told her I had to drop her off and I had to go to work, but we could continue later. Well, I take her back to the apartment complex. Go to work. I have my grin and I am not sayin a whole lot!

My buddy finally figured out what the deal was, SLOW LEARNER! and he was p***** at first but then he was like cool with it later. True Story. :)

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  • tagged is not a sexy word.

  • If this is true??? what a s*** she must be. A neigbours girl friend comes over, you do not know her and she rides you. Glad she is not me G/F

  • haha it's lame b/c you keep saying "my buddy", and i thought you were a chick at first, and that was awesome about the other chick.. haha. sadness...

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