Ladies Night

Every so often one of the local bars has ladies night, but like what you would expect. Where most ladies night at the bar consist of cheap drinks for the ladies, this bar is all about the ladies being nude or flashing for free drinks. See the ladies have to flash their t*** to get a free draft beer. If they go topless they get free bottles of beer for as long as they are topless. Flash their p****, they get free mixed drinks, and if they go completely nude, they get anything behind the bar including free pizza or even the bartender if she wants him. As you can guess, almost every guy around wants in the place when its ladies night, so they limit the number of guys through the door. Ladies of course can just walk right in.

My girlfriend will typically go to ladies night, because as she put it, why wouldn't she go someplace giving her free drinks. Although she has always told me she only flashes her t***, and one time when topless. I typically do not go because I'm never lucky enough to get in. Anyway, the bar advertised ladies night and as usual my girlfriend and her friends headed to the bar. A buddy of mine stopped by after the girls left and asked me if I wanted to go, I told him no because I never get lucky enough to get in. He said you never know unless you try, so we headed down to the bar. About 2 hours of standing in line we finally made it to the door and I expected the bouncer to reject us, but unbelievably he let us in. The place was packed and we were having a hard time finding the girls. Then my buddy spotted his girlfriend first, then mine. We were shocked to see both of them completely nude with guys all around them. I looked my buddy and asked if he was p***** he calmly said h*** no, I know she goes nude. I on the other hand did not know my girlfriend went nude. She told me she only ever went topless. He asked me if I was p*****, and said you had to know they went nude. I guess i kind of figured, but just never really knew for sure.

We push are way over to the ladies and finally make it in front of them. When they finally saw us, my girlfriend tried to explain her full nude away saying this was the first time she ever went full nude. I told her I didn't care. Everything was going fine, guys were hitting on our girls but it was no big deal because we knew they were going home with us. So it was all good until the bouncer found out we were the nude girls boyfriends and he told us we had to leave. We asked him why we had to leave and he told us no couples were allowed where the girl is nude. I'm like that's f****** up, and he grabbed me and literally threw me out the door. The ladies got p***** because they threw us out so the left too. We spent the rest of the night at the bar next door.

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  • Back in college I used to go to a club like that. I showed my t*** for beer and ended up getting talked out of my clothes. The exitement of being naked combined with free drinks was a rush for me so I continued going back for more.

    However, I did some really embarrassing things when I got black out drunk. Worst of it was waking up naked and sore on the floor of the mens room. Feeling violated I got my clothes and purse back from behind the bar and went home. I found it odd that my purse was back there since I had it on me while I was drinking. Then at home I flipped through my phone and found several pictures including one of me licking the rim of a toilet with several other phones pointed my way. I don't know if I had a sadomasochistic pleasure knowing I'd see the photos later but every one of them looked like they were taken by me. I swore off alcohol and went sober for 3 months after that.

  • Seems to me as long as your not being rude or jealous towards her why not let the house enjoy and let you get an eyeful? Maybe the guy had his eye on one of your ladies, who knows.
    Maybe it’s turning into a swingers bar.
    You think she would have fun behind your back ?

  • No, I trust her when she said that was the first time she had gone full nude. She never lied about flashing her t*** before or the time she went topless, and she's never lied to me about anything else before, at least not that I know of. Plus, she and my buddies girl could have stayed there when we got kicked out, but they chose to leave with us, so that has merit too.

    I have to admit it was kind of f****** hot seeing all the guys hitting on her. Several of them had copped a quick feel of her t***, or her ass. One guy even rubbed her p**** real quick. If they're quick they don't get caught, but spend too much time rubbing a girls t*** and they get their ass thrown out.
    At first my girl thought I would get p*****, but after I told her it was kind if hot, then she was more relaxed. I'm not sure but I think I would even be ok with some guy f****** her in front of me. I used to think people who had that fantasy were crazy, but now after that night, I can see why some guys like it.

  • I totally fantasize about some guy f****** my girlfriend in front of me!

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