The neighbor lady

My buddy has been nailing his neighbor for a little over 3 months, She is 38, Married and has one kid, She wants a second and her husband is apparently not up to the task since they have been trying for almost a year and a half, She lets my buddy bareback her, Makes him come inside and gets mad if he pulls.
I was over at his place last night and when her husband left for night shift at 7:00 we seen his car leave and my buddy said "Watch, I give her 5 minutes", We seen a car drop off the babysitter and her car pulled out of the drive, Buddy led me to the bedroom and we watched her car pull in behind his house in the alley, Next thing I knew there was a knock at the door and he let her in.
She was a bit disappointed to see that he had company, My buddy said "Well, You should have called before coming over", She sat around obviously waiting to see if I would leave but my buddy told her I was staying the night. She stayed and had a couple drinks then left and went home, She kept texting my buddy and telling him to come over once her kid was asleep and he said he wasn't comfortable with that, He showed me the pictures she was sending and I told him if her husband ever found out he would pop his head like a pimple.
Pretty soon there was a knock at the door and she came back in, He looked at her and said "Where is your kid?", She said "My cousin came over to watch him for me, I told her a friend had an emergency", She kept trying to talk to him every time I left the room and after a half hour or so he came into the kitchen while I was getting a beer and said "5 minutes come to the bedroom", I waited and then went to the bedroom door, I could hear them going at it and opened the door, I walked right up to the bed and she looked up, Screamed and shoved my buddy off her, She was yelling at me to get out and my buddy was trying to talk her into a threeway, She was not having any part of it and his idea of "Doubling her chances" wasn't working, I went back and sat on the couch and they came out, She was mad and they left the room a couple times to talk, He sat at the opposite end of the couch from me and she came out sitting beside him, He said "So...?", She said "f@ck off, No", He said "Oh come on, You never been tag teamed", She looked grossed out and said "Uh, No, I've been with three guys, My ex, My husband and you".
She kept looking at him motioning toward the bedroom and he kept motioning toward me but she kept saying no, He undid his pants and pulled out his d!ck and said "Right here, Right now if you want it", She looked at him and he grabbed her hand putting it on his d!ck and she just sat there facing him, I slid over behind her and put my hands on her sides, She was breathing angrily and he kissed her, they were kissing and she started stroking him and only stopped long enough to let me pull her shirt over her head.
She said "Not here, I'm not a f@cking h00ker", Soon we were all in the bedroom and she let us undress her, She's ok looking, A little thick in the legs and a$$, Dirty Blonde, Curly hair and smokey blue eyes that were actually pretty hot, Bent over her b**** look like a stretched out water balloon, Everything at the end and they actually look like the skin is stretching, On her back they lay at her sides and she has big n!pples with big bumpy circles that are big, Misshapen and dark, Her n!pples no word of a lie are giant, Long and thick and stretch out like a rubber band.
Buddy straddles her chest and gets her b**** all gathered up between his knees, I spread her knees with a little bit of pushback from her but eventually she let me, She has a decent looking pu$$y, Tight but has definitely had some miles on it, She shaves it all except a small patch of hair at the top and when she spread her legs I could tell she has a bit of a hairy a$$ hole, I started rubbing her and she started rocking her hips moaning with a mouthful of my buddy's d!ck, I started licking her and she started to settle into what she was about to do, Buddy got off her and laid beside her while I got on top, She moaned as I slid my d!ck in her and buddy got on his knees beside her, He looked at her and said "Ready for your first tag team?", she squinted her eyes at him and he put his thumb on her chin opening her mouth, I sat up and started jiggling her b**** around stretching her n!pples, I don't know if she was liking it or if her n!pples have no sensitivity but I was being pretty rough with them, Honestly I was a bit amazed at how far I could stretch her b**** before she would react.
Buddy moved above her head then leaned over putting his d!ck in her mouth and we were both playing with her big b****, They are actually really fun, You can grab her n!pple and pull them right up shaking them around and she doesn't even care, Buddy started to look like he was gonna c@m and mouthed "Watch this" then grunted and blew his load in her mouth, She started moaning in disapproval and hitting him on his thigh as he leaned in making sure his d!ck stayed in her mouth, When he pulled it out she said "Really??? what the f@ck" and just glared at him then she began to concentrate on me, I c@me inside her then he tapped in, When he knelt between her legs she looked at him and said "Yeah?", He shook his d!ck at her and she said "Ok", I laid beside her and played with her b**** flopping them around and sucking on her big n!pples.
All in all I think she got 5 loads not counting the one in her mouth, If that don't do it I don't know what will.

Apr 26, 2019

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