Once when I was 14 I was camping with

Once when I was 14 I was camping with my dad and my uncle. My dad left for town to buy some coffee and eggs, and my uncle was out cold. I touched his b**** and his d***, and afterwards jacked off. I still get hot thinking about that to this day.

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  • you sick f*** get a f****** life and grow the f*** up

  • Want to jack me off? I bet your good at it.

  • you might be a h*** if...

  • I think that the a****** who said "F****** Sick" is stupid. This site is to confess your secrets. You know you have had some sick times.

  • Puberty curiosity. but if it still gets you hot, at least accept that you are either gay or bi.

  • F****** sick

  • erm ok

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