I think that everything in life happens

I think that everything in life happens for a reasons. I try to explain events in order to make sense of them. So far, I've done a decent job doing so. The only thing I can't really explain is why I can't get over this crush. Just when I think I'm over him, he does something to remind me how awesome he is. What is the reason for why he is in my life and why I can't just move on? Why can't I find someone else to replace him? Why am I unlucky in the department of love whereas everyone around me right now seems to be getting boyfriends, girlfriends and dates left and right? Why can't I just be happy with my current state and accept the fact that love is not something in store for me right now and possibly ever?

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  • You have set a high standard for yourself. But, you might be only remembering the highlights of the relationship. Think about the bad parts and see if your dates -don't- have those.

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