I have this huge crush on this guy. I

I have this huge crush on this guy. I knew him when i was about 3 or 4 years old then we never even knew about eachother until i saw him at a party . We started talking and i just felt comftorable talking to him and being around him. The next time i saw him was at my cousins party and i had already told my friend i liked the guy so she called me and told me she wanted to talk to him , when i gave him the phone she told him i liked him , for like about an hour he didnt talk to me he just stared at me the entire time , 14 minutes before he left he gave me a note n told me not to open it until he left. When he was getting into the car i opened the note and its said "if you like me tell me" . A couple of weeks passed and it was my birthday ,i obviously invited him but my friend who had told him i liked him was there too , my friend and him started to go outside and talk and then he started acting all weird , my friend texted me telling me that she had to tell me something but i had to wait until he left , i knew she coouldnt resist it and she ended up telling me that he already had a blonde GF and that he liked me but he had a 2 week relationship with her already. I was really bummed out and sad ...on christmas i saw him again but this time he was single when i got to the christmas party i went into the room where all the teens were haging out and he was there .. he got up and kissed me on the cheak and his little sister said "eww" .. he sujested we played truth or dare , My guy friend decided to go first and he dared me to kiss the guy i like but i didnt want to look desperate or anything so i said "no! something else besides kissing" and then my friend said "OK THEN just hug him for 10 seconds" so i looked at my crush and he looked back at me , he wrapped his arms around me and we hugged eachother but it didnt seem like 10 secconds it seemed like an hour , i freaked out and said " i dont think i wanna play truth or dare anymore" and my crush and my guy friend had dared me to flash them so i was a little p***** ... i just showed my bra and my little cousin was there.. My crush said " OK i am so bored so ugh lets play something and then i will ask you out"... the entire night i had a smile on my face when the clock striked twelve he hugged me really tight . He still hadnt asked me out and i was confused .. he stood infront of me and looked at my eyes then my lips .. i think he was going to ask me out or kiss me but suddenly his mom bursted into the room and told him they had to leave. On new years i was suppose to see him but he broke his hand. so i havent seen him since christmas and i have the erge to see him and i think this saturday im going to see him but i just dont know what to tell him or how i should act ... my friend has bin telling me to kiss him and tell him that i want to be with him .. but i dont know if he feals the same way ... so i have this guy best friend and he use to be my bf but we broke up and hes biin telling me stuff about my crush that i dont even know about, I have bin told hes a wanna be player and not a plyer but i dont know what to believe ....i dont know what to do when i see him ... i dont know who to believe or what to think of my crush anymore... should i listen to my friend and kiss him and tell him how i really feal??

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  • there's no way I'm reading that s***.

  • i need help with this guy so help plzzz


  • just kiss the dam kid and tell him you love him

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