when i was in 6th grade my goegraphy

when i was in 6th grade my goegraphy class was stupidly boring and i never really talked to any1 but then like 3 months before school ended a guy named bry (thats not his full name) changed his schedule n his new geography class was mine so the teacher told him to sit in the empty seat wright next to me i thought he was kinda cute so i looked at him and he looked back. so i just smiled

like a weak later we were starting to get olong and stuff we didnt know so much about eachother personal lives but we were kinda close

before i knew it he was my pokebuddy and i just thought it was radikle

i started having a crush on him
when i talked to my friend about him we didnt say his name so we called him bingo

we became bother layleah the nerd buddies

and it was going awesome

but my snitchy friend told brys gf that i liked him and she was 1 of my friends 2 ...... but then i said i didnt like him anymore just so every1 could shut up and stop talking about it

he foun out i supposibly use to like him

i still had fealings for him
so when ever i saw him we gave eachother a poke

then on the day of the fcat i had to go to his homeroom to do the test

luckily for me i sat right next to him but his teacher noiced we were friends and moved me like 5 seats away from him

during the entire test we didnt even concentrate cause we were making faces like :o it was really common for us

after the test the teacher didnt look so happy with him and me =/

well that day was when i noticed i didnt really wanna tel him how i felt cause it would weird out our friendship=[

so then that horibble day came ..... the last day of school!
he told me he was gonna move and i was really sad he said he would miss me n his friends

so a year and a half passed and this sunday i thought a guy on my friends myspace loked familiar so i added him

he accepted me

i looked at the 1 pictures he had and he looked really familiar then i read his profile and i saw bryant on it

i messaged him saying hi dude
n he replied "do i noe u?"
n i said yup

then i told him it was his old pokebuddy

we gave eachothers our phone numbers and we started texting

the next day we texted the entire day like until 7 then he told me he wanted to hear my voice and asked me if he could call me n i told him later cause i was with my dad

when i got home i ran to my room n when i sat on the bead my cell phone rang and it was bry

so we started talking about stuff and how we had changed n stuff

so we have really bin talking alot ever since saturday

he acts really diffrent when we message and text than we r on the phone and it just makes me feal weird

so the other day he told me he had gone out with amy =[
but they broke up =]

so his status was single

well today like 18 minutes ago i was talking to him and i told him he wasnt acting like his old self ..... and if he was still the same old bry or a totally new bry

he said he was the same old bry

i told him he didnt act like it

so ..... he said he just acts diffrent cause we arent talking in person

.. then he logged off lmao

way to blow it so i went to his profile and then i noticed that hi status said in a relationship


so we r both 13 n his bday is coming up

i really wanna see him and he says he really wanna sees me 2

but if i wee to see him i wouldnt know how to act

but the other day he told me i was the bestest friend ever <333

god if only he knew he just makes it harder

so he asked me if i could go to his house on saturday n i said idk( he lives really far away)

so i asked my mom n she said no cause she doesnt really know anything about him or his parents


sohe asked me if we could meet up at the dolphin mall n i said im not sure lmao

so this saturday we might see eachother and i hope hes himself

the old pokebuddy i use to have a secret crush on

well any advice on wat i should say to him or how i should act n stuff

i really need help in this cause i mean i like him but i dont wann weirden out our friendship

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  • I hate f****** 12 year old's confessions. I would not even read that whole thing!! They just keep rambling!!!!

  • My god was this f****** long !!
    Please consider suicide, its easy, fun, great way to kill time, everyone will love you more too!!

    Stupid B****!

  • Jeebus.

    That was a terribly written piece of crap.

    I'm sorry.

    My advice: Take up masturbation.

  • his mom doesnt let him go to the mall until his 14 n that like on march 10

    i talk to him everyday n i dont think we will mature in a looong time cause we just dorks

    n well lately hes bin telling me he loves

    but i just dont know wat to do

    im gonna see him tomorrow but idk wat to do

  • I didn't even read this confession.

  • Since you both are so young of course he'll change. He'll soon turn into a grumpy pubescent young teenager and those childish relationships will be left behind unless you mature with him.

    Poke buddy? Like poking and flirting?

    Anyways, why not go to the mall? Catch up and try to accept the new Bry... Haven't you changed as well?

  • Not only is it too long but you put it up here twice.

  • That was way too long. I think you should learn grammer and how to spell before you learn anything about love. Your 13, long distant relationships hardly work when the people involved are 20. Just remain friends. Poke buddies to relationships aren't going to work. Unless you have alot of feelings and faith. But even so, your so young and your parents are strict so it won't get you far.

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