An Ideal Situation

I am a 23 year old post grad student at a university. I usually work late (more so these days) in an office which is located on the first floor of the main building. I struck up a friendship with a women janitor who comes in with her husband in the evening to clean. She is around 40 and her huband appears to be much older. He is very verbally abusive to her and I usually smell alcohol on his breath. They are green carders from Nicaragua She is a very atractive dark skinned Hispanic woman, dark hair and around 5'7. She has a heavy accent but has a decent command of the English language. Toward the end of the evening, her lazy husband leaves early and she finishes up alone. Big mistake! We have been having an affair for some months now. This is an old building with a basement and many storage rooms with locked doors. She has keys to them all. An ideal place to have private, uninterrupted s**. I fell into this one and I am enjoying every minute of it. She is also enjoying it. So, what can I say. I am most happy to take of things her husband obviously isn't taking care of.

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  • At age 19, I wasn't much on older women. My mind was changed forever when a friend's 45 year old mom, married at that, seduced me. She was chunky and her t*** had seen better days, but damn that p**** was HOT and the BJs were fabulous. Spent a weekend with her in a motel and she damned near f***** me to death, besides us rubbing each other raw.

  • I bet that is the best, hardest c*** she has had in a long time and from a young stud at that. Latinas are some of the hottest in bed You are one lucky S.O.B. Don't s**** it up. Continue to f*** her hard and often to keep her happy.

  • F*** yeah dude!

  • That's so hot! I envy your situation!

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