Sexual Tension

I'm a 24 years old girl, I've been teaching This French man Arabic for about 6 months now..
lately I've been feeling so attracted to him, the feeling grows and I sometimes I feel he feels the same...I caught him staring at my lips ( and other things) many times but he never tries to make any move because
1-I'm 20 years younger than him
2-I'm a muslim, (he's an atheist)
3- I'm his freakin teacher

I'm attracted to him like he's a magnet , I touch myself almost every night thinking about him
he's so freakin irresistible to me now, I love his mind and how witty he is...
even his body langauge is so sexy

I'm dying to know if he finds me hot too..
and I wanna make him feel the same
but this is all's all wrong and against my beliefs

:( :(

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  • Don't tell any of the men in your community. They might cut your head off like they did to that Iraqui girl who spoke highly of a British doctor she was working for.

  • Muslims get h**** too, so just admit it. I was 20 and working partime at Muslim owned stop and rob. The owner was a controlling, sour old mean ass. He went back to Lebanon for a funeral and left his 23 year old unmarried daughter to run the store. Well, as the saying goes, while the cat is away, the mice will play. I f***** her almost every night after hours in a back storage room the month her dad was gone. She was just as h**** as I was. Oh migod, what a perfect, hot body she was hiding under those shapeless, loose fitting clothes. Her good old Muslim dad was probably getting his p**** while out of the country.

  • Hey Mr. 'bull s***' !!
    before commenting about any1's religion or belief go get yourself sum knowledge about Islam or maybe even about 'religion' first,,coz your understanding about Islam seems totally wrong or a mere guess, my brother ....!!

  • You'll be fine. Go for it.

  • Dont's even think about it.. As a muslim are are forever going ti be trappedwith that religion. Do not let your family find out, they WILL kill you, jist like they with every other muslim female and then blame it on what theycall a 'sacrafice'. Its bullshit. Your religion is bullshit, with no freedomand no f****** choises. I'm sorry but you're f*****.

  • Yess it is wrong to even think about it sistr,, i m a muslim too and i know how you r gona feel about yourself aftr this,,,,,so just try to control yourself and if needed may be give up this teaching thing so as to save yourself..i know it isnt easy but its better to stop yourself now then to regret it your whole life and in the after life !!!!

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