One-night romp with friend's now-fiance

One of my very good and close guy friends, Jack, had been dating Meredith quite a while, but, they always seemed to have problems. Her trust in him, as for cheating on her, was incredibly low, and he, the dumbass that he was, would fight with her about it, then take on all fliratious females in his direction.

One evening, at a national chain restaurant..We'll call it Schmuby Ruesday's, I met up with both of them as I hadn't seen either in awhile. Meredith was there first, and she and I talked about Jack, his flirting ways, etc, over some drinks. Meredith is a very beautiful blonde, long hair, sky-blue eyes, tight, fit body, and just very..wantable. But, she also has self-esteem issues largely due to Jack.

Anyway, Jack shows up, we have a decent time, but they get into it again (with me sitting in the middle stool of the they're going back and forth over me). Meredith walked out for a few, came back, and Jack played nice. "Good to have you back, baby" he said.

Meredith, clad in jeans and a black button-down that she'd noticibly loosened to show off more cleavage, responded with "I only came back for him", meaning, me. I calmly finish my drink, pay our bill, and say my goodbyes, happy to exit the situation. An hour later, Meredith called me.

"So I think me and Jack are done..And I wasn't kidding about coming back in for you..I think we should meet at my condo tonight". Yes, the conscience in me said no, but, knowing Jack like I do, and that once he's done with a woman, he's usually immediately and forever done, I figured, why not..She's hot as h***, and I'd be lying if I said I never got hard looking at her. She just exudes sexy.

I meet her at the condo, we have wild, exhausting s** for a few hours, and I leave the next morning.

Later that day, Jack called me to go to lunch and a drink to talk, and apologize for the scene they made. Then he says "I went to Meredith's this morning and she apologized, too. Told me to tell you everything's ok". I missed him by maybe 30 minutes.

Didn't have the heart to tell him I'd nailed his hottie. When they got engaged a few months ago, Meredith hugged me tight and said "He never, ever finds out what we did. And I tell you what..If he does cheat on me, I'm throwing this ring in his face, and you and I are going away for a weekend". So far, they're still engaged and ok. But I know better.


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