Gave a Hotel guest a ride back to the Hotel

Wife and I were at a Hotel. checked in around 3p, went for a swim, meet a few couples and some of they're friends who were part of a Fiber Optic crew working for the County. We just engaged in simple hello's. Later on we asked the Hotel where was a good local place to dine and have a few drinks, they recommend a place about 1mile and half away, so we drove over there in my seater Benz SL. It was a lively spot, laid back, single women, couples, groups, all relaxing. My wife wore a summer dress had a pleated skirt pullover top and sling back heels. We had about 4 drinks each it was Happy Hour, good deal, and then had a bite. We were just talking, I was rubbing her thigh telling her how sexy she looked, when a guy walked by and said, I thought I recognized you 2. I was one of the guys we met earlier by the pool working on Fiber Optics. I said hey, whats going on and he sat down next to my wife and asked if we'd like another round, and we said sure. Now my wife's skirt was sort of pulled up by me rubbing her thighs and leg, plus she had her legs crossed and he had to squeeze by her to get into the bar chair, so her legs were actually between his, and she said, oh excuse me I'm sorry, he said that's ok you're good. Yeah that was good for him, cause she was totally exposed and she knew he was looking at those lucious creamy thighs. So after about 30 minutes, my wife got up and head to the restroom. The guy, Jack, went over to some girls he knew and started talking to them. My wife returned and we just talked amongst yourself's for about 15 minutes, and finished our drinks and left. We got to the car, and as my wife got in, I rubbed her ass and when she sat down I pulled her skirt up kissed her, and rubbed my fingers between her hot wet p---y. I drove around the side of the building so I could make a right turn heading back to the Hotel, and I was looking left for oncoming cars, and that's when my wife said, hey there's that guy! I said who, that guy at the bar, I said Jack, she said Yeah. She said he's walking, I think he's going back to the Hotel. I said ask him if he needs a ride. so she yells, hey Jack, we're going back to the Hotel would you like a ride. He walked over and laughed, where am I going to sit, and she said, I can sit on your lap. He said ok, and got out, and put the seat all the back and tilted it back. He got in, she stepped over one of his legs, kinda pulled up her skirt, and nuzzled herself atop of this guy, and he shut the door, and we left. she said, am I squishing you. He said no I'm good. And I can see him smiling as my wife was slowly squirming atop of him. He placed both hands besides her hips, and I stepped on the gas, and he said to her I got you. She ok, don't let go of me, and it was very sensual seeing her face and her body, and her b****** swollen as I was driving a few more blocks and at the traffic lines. He said, hey I was going to smoke a joint, would you guys be interested in coming up to my room, and she said, sure why not. I said do you mind if I stop at 7eleven and pick up a six pack, and he said great. so I parked off to the right,and went in. I could see my wife with both hands on the dash, with her hips slightly raised above him sliding back and forth along his shaft, and though she was dry humping him. We got to his room and f--ked her on the bed, on the floor, and in the shower! I f--ked her, and He again fu--ked Her until dawn. MY Godness her puss- afterwards was swollen hot and she sleeped all day until the late afternoon.



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  • So hot that you got to watch her. I love watching my wife getting f*****.

  • I love sharing my wife now too

  • Love this. So hot! I would love to share my wife!

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