Wife don't wanna have babies

I'm a blackman married to a white women and we are both in our mid 40s with only a 5yo daughter...my wife don't wanna have anymore kids as i want another or two more...she told me that we are too old to be having kids and she will not let me get her pregnant again...she said i should go and look for a younger woman to have babies with if i still wanna have a baby and she also said that cause of my age no young white women will find me attractive...for all these thangs she said to me, I never said a word to it cause it might cause heartache on her...and I'm afraid of not having other children cause I'm approaching 50 in couple of years time.

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  • Dear melissa, shut up as a counselor and listen more. you have not listened to my needs about needing a s** life and romance and dating. I need it my way which is not as a restricted thinking as yours. I need a interest and to meet people and a young man is right for me. My parents are not going mental or dying and nor am I in the next 5 years and I don't think you need to say that to your clients who come about rape. You don't listen. You wanted me doing baby baskets and I did that years ago and got no thanks for it. You wanted me knitting and I am not a granny yet. You want me doing things that are not me. You never ask what I want to do. Your so passive aggressive over the last 12 months. what has made you such a b****? I told you I wanted to lose weight and you help the other women and yourself but not me and then you tell me I shouldn't worry about my looks and its more about me not loving myself enough and I don't think I am worth it? have you been listening? what is going on in that mental old granny head of yours at that gym with s***, dear mrs macbarf!

  • Fill me up

  • I'd love to feel someone up

  • I'll have your babies ??

  • Well if you young enough to have babies than give me a contact

  • It's not the age of the mother that matters so much in late-life births as it is the age of the father. As the father's age increases, the odds of deformities and disabilities also increases. Sorry to say, but you may well have waited too long already. Go see a doctor.

  • Your wife is a waste. Cut your losses. Divorce her. Get a newer model.

  • If she's willing to let you have an affair with a younger woman, I say GO FOR IT! There are plenty of young white chicks out there who want to hook it with black guys, and especially black guys who have enough maturity and experience and SENSE to know how to treat a lady, in bed and out of bed. In fact, I recommend that you find SEVERAL young white women and knock them all up. My guess? You're going to have a field day, my man.

  • Your wife is right. At her age she runs the risk of having a child with Downs syndrome. and by the time your baby was middle aged you guys would either be dead or in a home somewhere.

    Use common sense and be happy with the child you do have.

  • Going by the way this moron mauls the English language, I'd say common sense is pretty thin on the ground.

  • The less common sense a person has, the more they want to have lots of babies. Ever notice that?

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