Cousin Jack & Mon

When I was about 4 I saw my Mom having s** with her cousin Jack. He came to visit and slept over in my room. Early morning when my Dad had left for work and my 2 older brothers for school, she came into the room clad in only her nighties. They thought I was still asleep. She lay down alongside him and started to fondle inside his pj's. I didn't understand what was happening and just looked through eyes half closed. Next thing she took out his erect p**** and I saw her putting it between her legs. Then he got on top of her and I remember the bed creaking and Mom's legs around him. After a while Mom said: "Yes Jack, yes, I'm c****** !!" Of course I had no clue what was happening, but somehow I knew I shouldn't tell anybody.
Later that morning I was playing under the kitchen table. Mom and Jack was standing at the stove. He lifted her dress and I saw him taking out his thing and put it between her legs.
It took another 13 years before I told her what I saw that day. She was very alarmed, but I gave her a hug and told her I love her.



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  • I would have got off mum and on top of you mmmmmmmmmmmmm 4 yr oldpussy

  • The aim of my confession was to show that nobody is perfect and although Mom did something wrong it was no reason for me to condemn her for that. She was still a good mother to her children and I will love her unconditionally until the day I die.

  • You two are trying to kill confession post or something? Please, its quite boring and repetitive. Try something funny?

    To the OP, interesting post, thanks for sharing. You KNOW your Mother freaked a lot more than it showed.

  • Did they teach you how to suck d***? Are you a crack w**** now? Do you f*** n****** that's right I said n******? Stinky hole?

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