Cuckold's Wife With Others

As a man who arranged to have my first two wives cuckold me - pillow talking them until they were hot, ripe and easy for the next h**** man who came along - I told my present wife she would be shared with others as I was f****** her within a couple of hours of our meeting. She said she wasn't that type of girl but ...

Within a month she was more than ready and excited as we waited for a friend of mine to knock.
The kiss she gave him as he entered the room told him all he needed to know and his hands were on her pantiless ass in the living room as she reached down to open his fly.
To me there is nothing hotter than to see than a h**** woman opening her mouth to receive another man's first breach of her defenses. Her open mouthed acceptance of his pulsing tongue is unmistakable to a man - as it mimics her hungry p**** and signals her submission.

Since that time many, many men have experienced her hot accepting mouth opening wide to receive their tongues and erase any doubts they might have about her and her sexual availability.

Four years ago she fed me my first c*** and since that time she says she really enjoys the extra heat she gets in kissing a man while he is being sucked.

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  • Hey guys i love to see ur wife and talk about her send me an email if you like.

  • I used to take more than one man; see my story on this forum:

  • I love to watch my wife suck off other men. Once did her from behind while she did 2 guys orally at the same time.
    I also just love to lie next to her while another guy has his way with her, then lick her clean before I have her next.
    She loves to do this about once a month. It is sooo hot!

  • I agree with the first comment. You are obviously so insecure with yourself that you have to have other men please your wife.

  • Smile ... actually, and I'm sure it would be surprising to people who use so little of their brain power, both of my former wives would be happy to have me back.

    The miniscule life many people live because they are concerned, or absolutely fearful, about what other people might think is sad.

  • And you wonder why you are twice divorced?

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