Mr. Right and I'm miserable

To all the Lonely ladies out there looking for Mr. Right.
I wish I could tell you where to find your Prince Charming, but I can't. I can tell you there are some of us out there and the sad reality is we are miserable too. Well at least I am. I am a married man about to turn 40 who has been married for nearly 15 years with 3 kids under the age of 11. I take care of the kids daily, I get them ready for school, I take them to school and pick them up, I often fix them lunch and dinner, I overall take an active part in their lives and enjoy being their Dad. I do the dishes, I do the laundry, I cook dinner, my wife has never had to work since we've been married, I buy her gifts. And for all my efforts and attentiveness I get nothing in return. She tells me all the time how much she loves me and how much better of a husband and father I am then her friends husbands, and how jealous they are of her, but yet I feel like I am alone most days. She is so pre-occupied with "her" things that we hardly talk, we never do anything together that doesn't involve kids. I don't think I love her anymore, but I stay because I don't want the kids to have a broke home. Don't get me wrong my wife and I get along, we just aren't intement and I am tired of feeling like this. She spends all her energy on doing everything for everyone else that by the time the day is over she's got nothing left. She would rather help a friend with her problems then spend time with me. I am lost and alone.

Mr. Right

Jan 18, 2013

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  • Your wife sounds like a spoiled b$$$$

    You deserve to be treated better - stop doing everything or she will never change!

  • Advice from a woman-

    I think some women have a certain amout of emotional energy before they just kinda burn out...
    but try bring it up causally with her
    that you would like more intimacy with her
    maybe for starters plan a day together
    that way its a pre organised engagement and she knows ahead of time

  • Maybe its do to the fact that she knows she can get away with acting that way. Give yourself a treat find somthing to bang on the side or pay for some s** with a h*****. I cant blame her for walking all over you if you allow her too. Reach into your pants and check if your b**** are still there. if they are then fix this, only you can.

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