I screwed up my kids

I spoiled my kids and now im regretting it big time. They are horrible rotten kids. I do love them but sometimes i wish i could start over and be a better parent. They fight all the time and tear things up in the house.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • \\"How much for the little girl?\\" - The Blues Brothers

    It'll be hard, but go on strike. Do only some of the laundry, all of yours of course. Cook meals for yourself (and hubby if that is the case).

    Although, you haven't told us their ages. It'll tell us about what level of maturity they should have at this time.

    My Mom went on strike once because we complained about a few meals. It really didn't work as we just ate out more and planned our own meals for each of us. We worried about ourselves and it worked out fine. Cut out the gifts, the extra little cash for the night. Cut out the time where they skipped a chore and you let it slide. They'll have to take responsability eventually so just hang in there.

    That, or dangle a carrot and only give it when their performance shapes up. Like a game or something, but don't give in until that lawn has been mowed exactly 15 times with at least a 3 day window between mowings.. something they'll really have to show some dedication to. That way they'll finally -earn- something.

  • ^LOL, no just stop spoiling them. If they are destructive, beat the h*** out of them, and ground them from everything and anything you can. Send their a**** to Iraq or something.

  • Sell them.

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