Its been years

Years ago when I was in College I had an experience. I had spent the evening cramming for up coming exam while my room mate was out partying. Later that evening when he returned with a friend I heard them come in drunk as I was in bed. Not thinking anything unusual just 3 guys in a dorm room I went back to sleep.maybe 30 minutes later I felt someone getting into my bed it startled me but I just lay still. Soon I felt his hands touching me he brushed across my naked butt and it turned me on. I just lay still as I felt him reach from behind me and grope my manhood. I am sure he could sense my arousal. As he was handling my c*** I felt hiswarm c*** growing as he rubbed his hips against my naked ass. I had never done or thought about doing anything like this but I guess I got caught up in the moment.I heard him rip open the condom and could feel it's lubrication as he slid his thick c*** between my cheeks I had never felt anything like it before. I had played with toys but nothing like this. As he pushed inside me I thought I would come at that moment. He f***** me for several minutes and came inside me with the condom on. I cannot describe the feeling of his c*** throbbing as is juices squirted inside my ass with me pushing onto him. When I woke up in the morning he was gone. I never heard from him and never spoke of this. That has been several years but I still think about how it felt when I m*********.

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  • I read a story on here about a guy wearing sweat pants to physical therapy so they would pull down further. He said he liked feeling vulnerable....naked back to anything they wanted to do to him. I think this writer is like that. You wanted this to liked it. I havent felt the feeling of someone pushing into me...but i bet it felt good.

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