My dad was addicted to crack for 10+ years and has been doing Meth for 20+ years and still does it.

My mom did it for 25+ years and has been sober for 8 off of it. I wanted nothing to do with it at all. Until like 2 weeks ago. All my friends were doing it around me and I really wanted to try it because they thought I would never in a million years try it. I got drunk and really wanted to try it the opportunity didnt come to me. I asked my friend for a bump when my best friend was out of the room, and he gave it to me. And I got a line after. The next day i smoked meth after my cousins funeral. And then I did it for a week and a half. And now Im done and embarrassed and tired and I want nothing to do with it.. Some people have heard the rumors but I just want to deny it ever happened. What should I do?

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  • Stay the F*** away from that s***!!!! Has it done your parents any good? It might be cool to some of your friends, but I promise you that most of that group will be dead or in jail within a few years. It's a slippery me.


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