I hate my life.

I never graduated.everybody thinks i am dumb as s***.my life has been one big Failure.i suffered a third grade Concussion(bad bicycle accident).and chipped my front teeth.I could have committed suicide.I could have drank alcohol until i died.i have an I.Q of only 73.But i never did any of that stuff.i work.but i do not make that much money.maybe only 2200 doller's a month.the cost of living is going up.what should i do.

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  • You should kill yourself

  • :( maybe try being a stowaway on a ship? I wanna do that myself.

  • Buddy, if you're that unhappy, find peace.

    Some people say "live life" at any cost. I don't believe that. If you were inspired to seek change for the better, I would completely support that...

    But, if it's just too hard, and you're too sad, you have the right to decide to keep on living, or not.

  • Hey Buddy,

    You are not along in feeling that life can suck...and big time! When I get like how you are feeling, I remind myself to refocus on the stuff that I am good at and to stick with that stuff. Grow your skills and abilities with what you are good and doing.

    Everybody is going to have an opinion on what your doing or what your not doing...that is the reality.

    However this is your life..you get to determine what success is, how to go about it, and that the end of the day-what makes you proud.

    Take the time to rediscover what motivates you, what your dreams are, and what great opportunities define your life.
    Start from there and go...give yourself a chance dude!

    God bless

  • ^Good advice. And start by removing the negative thoughts and replace with positive ones. Remind yourself..you're a nice guy and you're smart and have a lot to offer. Consider taking the GED if you want to get that diploma. It's all within your reach.

  • That's not too bad.

  • Get to church.

  • Great idea! They're sure to have all the right answers after 2000 years! YOu can tell they have because the world is such a righteous and healthy place to live.

    Oh, wait...

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