I am 20 and my wife is 12

It may sound unbelievable, but in fact this is reality. Some of you may think I am trolling or I am a sucking middle eastern, but neither is true, or I would have no business posting this. I am not that educated either. I dropped out of school at grade 6, after losing my entire family mom, dad and older bro in a car accident I the sole survivor, leaving me a really big house and as of today I am a pizza boy, however with a gifted look than any girl may fantasies. On with our life story:

When I first met Amy she was only 9. I was sitting on an empty bench, cursing my sorrowful life. Then I noticed two girls playing with a ball, one of them the prettiest I had ever seen Amy. A lot of girls of my age proposed to me before, but all rejected as I wasnt interested in relations until then. But I never imagined a 9 year old girl ever capturing my heart. She was fare skinned with beautiful black hair reflecting the sin shine, dressed in pink, her shinny bare feet my main attraction exposed. I couldnt take my eyes of her. Suddenly the ball they were playing with rolled to the street and the two girls charged at it. A car was coming, and I got of the bench, ran grabbed them and escorted them to safety. Amy begin crying. As I tried to calm her down, the other girl said that she was crying because that was her favorite ball. I never had much fear for death, and so risking my life I rescued the ball from the busy street. As I was about to give it to her, kneeling down, she grabbed my shoulder, kissed me and ran away with her ball. The other girl Jay ran after her. Since that accident i had been like a dead person, now for the first time ever I felt alive, and I felt a strong bond with the little girl, the bond of love. The next day I was sitting on the same bench expecting something good. And I was happier than the happiest man on the planet to see Amy again. This time she was alone and she came just to meet me. We sat together and talked about each other. She was sorry for my family, and so was I for her. Her mother died when she was 3, and she lived with her father and uncaring step mother. In the middle of our conversation, the fact that I liked her slipped away. She blushed for some time, and said she liked me too and ran away. The next day I was waiting for her with rose. I was not so sure that which flower she may like, but my personal favorite was red rose. Once again she showed up and was extremely happy with them. Rose were her favorite too. Since then we been meeting each other in the same place, and been going to places like amusement park where her syep mom would never take her. Day by day my affections for her grew more and more. An year past, and I got my new job as a pizza boy and she was also getting busy with school, and our visits became very limited. One day we both were on vacation, and were more than eager to see each other. We met up at the same place, and she begin insisting me to take her to my house. After a lot of refusal I agreed. Who would be there waiting for me anyway? I took her, and we simply sat on the sofa and watched tv. She wore a white t and black shorts Suddenly I had a b****. Before I could do anything, my hand fell on her beautiful little legs. She was not bothered. I begun to massage them and she giggled. I could that she was enjoying, and so I told her to lay down on the sofa. She did, and I opened my zippers, layed on her small body with my large and eventually my p**** got stuck in her ***** For the first time she screamed in pain, but later begun to enjoy as much as I did except that she complained I was very heavy. Never the less we got done with positive reviews, and for the first time my fluid entered a feminine's -. But I was a little depressed thinking that I spoiled a little girl's life. But her beautiful smile, and my reflection on her tiny beautiful black eyes blew that away. We were now closer thane ever before.

Things were going well with me and Amy until last year, October. The other girl, Jay told Amy's parents out of jealousy. Her father called me out and threatened to send me to jail. Amy was also grounded. I thought it was right time to remove the shadow of my miserable life from that girl and let her live a normal life. But one night Amy called me, while her parents were asleep and told me that if I didnt take her away within 3am that night, she will suicide. I jumped of the be immediately and looked at the clock. It was 2 and I rushed out of the hose to her location. By 2:20 I was standing infront of her appartment. I could see her she, she was looking through the window on the 3rd floor. She yelled. I am jumping catch me. I cried nooooo! Fortunately she listened. Good thinkg her parents were such heavy sleepers. She yelled at me to throw a rock. I did. She turned out to be a great catcher. With the rock, she broke her room lock, came to the entrance door. As she opened it and was leaving, she could hear her father whispering to her step mom some thing about burglary. She felt guilty for leaving her father, but she loved me more than any one else and same case with me for her. She came to me with no further trouble, we hugged each other and agreed uppon leaving this place and going somewhere where no one especially her parents coulnt find us. We grabbed a mid night bus and left to another city. There lived an old friend of mine, who has a similar incident of mine regarding his underage cousin,to whom he was married to. He gave us shelter, and our relation was fully supported by him and his wife. He gave us the location of a church where underage couples could illegally marry, the priest taking some bribe. Amy and I wedded on the night of October 12 2011. She was 12, I one month to 20. Today we are living with our good friends who had their first baby last month. I am working fir another pizza restaurant for higher salary, a nicer boss than my X. Like alls well that ends well, sometimes alls not well that ends well.

Feb 21, 2012

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  • Your spelling sucks as badly as you do.

  • First off, if this is true (and I doubt it) you deserve to have your b**** cut off and fed to you. You aren't a husband, you are a pedophile and a rapist. The devil and the FBI are coming for you.

  • To the second post, thats really harsh man. As for the confesser, good for you! It's great as long as you're in love and don't let anybody tell you different!

  • haha man.. whatever her age, if you really love her. don't stop loving..

  • well...you just kidnapped and raped a child...you be on the run for the rest of your life...

  • Wow
    is she ok
    R u ok

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