5 years age difference

I was always the odd guy at school. I had joined the school when I was 9 on 4th grade but was unable to make any friends. I was extremely thin wearing eye glasses, shy, timid and unsocial, and became a victim of bullying by my peers, mostly other boys but some mean girls too. The nicer girls hinted they found me cute but i was just too lame for them. I had no interest in sports, I was serious student, doing good on my tests, so I was labeled a nerd and many were jealous of my grades. My dad had passed away when i was 6 and I was raised by a single mom, maybe thats why I never learned to be a tough guy, having no father figures, but my mom was an amazing mother and will always be grateful to her. anyways years went by, I turned 16 and started high school, still had no relation with a single peers. Most guys had girl friends by then, and they were too busy being cool to bully a lame loser like me, which was fine by me but didn't stop me from feeling worthless.

Now I was 16, my mom wasn't paying much for my every day expenses so I decided to take a part time work. Seeing my good grades a lot of neighbors wanted me to babysit and tutor their children, but I chose a house far from our place (most kids in my place were aware of me being a lame nerd). The parents were a great couple (the wife was extremely hot) and really liked me, and then they called their two children, first came their 7 year old son who was a nice boy and kinda timid like me, so far so good, at least he didn't look like the type that would make fun of me. Then the next thing I saw, blew me away. It was their 11 year old 6th grader, daughter, the cutest girl I have ever seen in my life, she had fiery red curly long hair, deep blue eyes, was extremely fair skinned, and was wearing a skirt showing her sexy slim legs. She too looked shy. Now there was a lot of good looking girls my age in my class, never felt attracted to them. sometimes I thought I might be gay, but never in the least felt attracted to guys at all, and this little girl took away all my doubts and the moment I saw her I realized i am in love. She appeared very shy too, and her parents told she was very studious like me and similar to me she had no friends. She went to a girls only school (no wonder why she had no friends, if she went to coed school all the boys would have been crazy for her). I said a few words like "hi" to them, and received similar answers like "hi", and asked them their name. The girl was Susan, her brother was Derick. They didn't want to pay me much but after seeing Mary, i decided to accept what ever payment they give. So i left for the day.

The next day i came in, they had returned from school, their parents were at work. So I started out with helping them on their math homework. Every chance I got, i touched Mary (like patted her on the back, brushed her hair and even used an excuse of her solving a math correctly to hug her) she didn't mind at all. Things went so for the next few days and Marry and I got to know more of each other, her life was similar to mine, all the girls in her school were jealous of her looks and her grades. I shared experiences of my own and she listened intently (but i didn't tell her that things would be better at coed, all guys would buzz around her, i wanted me to be the only boy in her life). I would also bring gifts for her like chocholates almost every day. One day while telling such tale she broke in tears, and begun to cry, I hugged her and kissed her. She giggled. She said shyly "Ive never been kissed by a boy before", i asked her "did you like it", she blushed and said "yes". Derick was there, but he didnt suspect much and was busy with his homework. I said to Derick he can have the day off, to which he cheered and went to the backyard to play. i was alone with marry now. I had seen a few p*** videos before, so I thought what i was about to do was going to be all right. I kissed Marry on her beautiful red lips deeply, and she kissed me back. I told her "lets go to your room", she nodded in agreement and I lifted her on my arms and carried her there and placed her in her bed. i then begun massaging her sexy legs, something I wanted to do for ages, she was enjoying the feeling of my hands on them. I told her to remove her shirt, now she was shy, but I assured her it was all right, think of it as nothing different than you do it in front your parents. she obliged, and I started to massage and suck her hot growing breastts. We went at it for a while, in the end my fingers had entered her girl hood, and she moaned at pain but didn't want me to stop. Then we did a 69, she was on top as I would be too heavy for her, loved licking her wet p**** while she was sucking my peniss with her warm mouth. Time was flying, so after that without any rest, i quickly shoved peniss in her pussyy. She almost screamed, but i put my hand on her mouth , say it would be okay and it was amazing, and I had always seen this stuff on p***, but now I know how real, how hot, how amazing it was, especially with a pussyy so tight as Mary's. I burst my load in her, then took off and collapsed besides her. The expression on her face as she looked at me was both of a mixture of shock and pleasure. I got up, but worried when i saw Mary getting up and kinda limping. I went as soft as possible. we promised to keep this a secret for life and tell no one. after that she took a shower, i wanted to have another go with her in the showers but that would be risky, she was already in kind of a pain. After her, i showered. I told her to lie that she got hurt falling down the stairs, and she agreed. We did it for nearly 2 hours between around 5-7 pm, her parents are co workers and usually come back around 8 pm. I went outside but could not see Derick. I hurried to my his room and sighed in relief seeing him asleep. I said to Mary I was leaving and tell her parents I left early because i was kinda sick today, she agreed.

The next day i went to her house nervously, worried I would be caught. But Mary's parents were not there, they bought her lies. Mary was still in pain, but smiled at me and whispered to me she wanted more of that. i was to happy to agree. its been over a year, and weve done that many times so far, she is now 12 and i am 17. Now I don't do it much in her house because of Derick, i just go to teach and baby sit. I showed Mary my hose and now she comes by on Saturdays when my mother is away. We have even done it in the showers at my hose like I wanted to and its amazing, we are like husband and wife but shame our society doesn't recognize under 18 marriage anymore (but it was ok before the 18th century, and its perfectly legal in some countries like Mexico). Still I worry that Mary is a bit too young now, but when she gets older and have more guys after her, will she want me when she realizes i am really a loser? Also we have a 5 years age difference, she doesn't think much about it now, but what will happen when she gets a little older. she is the only one other than my mother i care about in my life and I never want to lose her, and I never find anyone else as attractive as her, for me she is irreplaceable. I hope I am the same to her...,


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  • Get all that young p**** you can, the youngest for me so far was 8 and I was 17 don't worry about age difference just f*** her she wants it so give it to her, I am an old fart now but if I could get kiddy p**** I would

  • If you don't get me a job soon and some money and investments i am going to kill you. give me a job or i will kill the office.

  • Awesome story

  • He's not a pedo, he's a legend

  • Reported pedo 😈!

  • Sorry ppl, I forgot to mention her name is Susan-Mary , I call her Mary but seems like I forgot to type Mary when I first wrote her name.

  • How did Susan become Mary? 😂

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