How do I get him to stop?!

So I'm only in 7th grade and have a boyfriend. I love him so much but he texts me way to much! I was gone for a day and I had 27 texts! He lives I'm a diff state then me but I still love him. All he needs to do is calm down and quit worrying, how can I do that without hurting him or making him feel less-loved???

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  • Get yourself surgically remove from that cell phone, you stupid little twit.

  • I don't have a phone but a app that I can use as a thing to text. I'm almost never on it.

  • Ik how it feels to be in that posititon bc my bf txts me 24/7 but just tell him to give you a little space and to trust in you if youre gone for a while. Im sure he'll understand.

  • There really is no way to tell him without him getting somewhat hurt, just tell him that he is texting you too much and that if its a trust issue, then maybe you two shouldnt be together if he does not trust you.

  • Thank you. I tried that and dropped it down from 27 to about 10

  • ^^^^

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