Hate my first serious girlfriend

I can't stand my first serious girlfriend... she lives hours away and I haven't seen/talked to her in a year 1/2... When we were together she was always whoring around, I was too young and naive to see though. She was very controlling and belittling, back then I didn't think much of it. My friends and family hated her and my sister knew she was f****** around, told me but I disregarded it.. Out of curiosity, i'd like to know everything she did while we were together, just to know how much of a straight up s**** she was. She's a pathological liar, and she's very sly she seems sweet, but she's a g****** w****. After she broke up with me she drug me along, then I was her "minion" without getting p****. She tried to ruin my relationship with my now wife.. she invited me over with intentions to get me to cheat, and like a dumb f*** I did. I knowI did wrong, but like a true s**** she had a plan to seduce and destroy.. after she repeatedly tried to f*** things up with no success. She worked at the same place as I did, I know she talked a lot of s***. A couple summers ago (while she was married) I was single she invited me over like a little b**** I dropped everything and went there, she was rude and talked about how her husband supposedly worked harder than me, and how she made more than me. Surprisingly, she kissed me, And of course she has to stur up bullshit and try to lie to husband so he'll "kick my ass"... I feel like s*** that I let her treat me the way she did, and she treated others that way too. Some people are just eviland don't give a f***.... not sure if it all made sense, but I had to rant...

Feb 7, 2013

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