I hate life.

So i just did my taxes found out im only getting 671 back with turbotax my friends did theirs they are 1250 back with their own tax guys because they go to school, which guess what they basically go for free they only have to pay for their books with fafsa or fuckya what ever the piece of s**** called and they b**** and moan over it i tried doing it guess what my parents make to much money i live on my own barely f****** surviving and they say i make to much i made 12000 last year how the f*** is that considerd alot of money for the whole year so basically if i want to go to college i must till im 24 or pay for everything myself i asked my parents for help i got a flat out no my friends tell me go enroll in a couple classes easy for them to say the f****** gov gives them a free ride for college they get more money back and they made less than me and to top off my s***** life im now in search of another job beacause my company needs to cut a few people but my friends who work for the same company are getting even more hours i swear i would be better off dead please dont tell me theres more people who are worse off than i am because if you do i want to trade stories with them and see who really has it worse bet you i will win though.

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  • I can easily compose a cohesive sentence. Your being a bit condescending there buddy, by the just because i didnt put periods or proper abbreviations doesnt mean i dont know how to use them, it just means i couldnt find the button on this stupid phone.

  • Go to school. You really need an education. You cannot compose a sentence or paragraph.

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