Serious sexual question.

I'm 21, I love my boyfriend, we have a good relationship. S** is good, but he's terrible with foreplay and to be honest it's killing me. He's never gone down on me, and doesn't really pay much attention to my b******. Doesn't kiss my know, all the good stuff that gets a girl revved up. I've tried to steer him in that direction, but he's a male. :/

The s** it's self is pretty good, no complains there. Is it so bad to want to pre-game a little? I make sure he's good and ready before we have s**, he on the other hand no so attentive.


Feb 15, 2013

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  • He sounds like a teenager.

  • Dump deserve better.

  • Simple, cut him off. Explain to him that, once he gets with the program--that being that your o****** are every bit as important as his are--he can have all the s** he wants. Until then, however, the candy store is CLOSED.

  • Advice? talk to him and tell him that you'd like some foreplay too. after that, if he doesn't even try, then find a boyfriend who cares that you enjoy it too. cause he's just worried about his own pleasure, that's all. and if he does try, but doesn't try very hard, or isn't good at it, then help him along. you didn't come with instructions and we can't read minds. but like i said, if he doesn't try, then he doesn't care about you.

  • LOLLLLLLLLLLL, well show him how to do it okay .....

  • Just tell him straight out, i hate it when a women does not tell me what she likes or does not like, we are not mind readers and every woman is different as to what they like in bed. i think you should just tell him what you want and how u want it and he should be fine

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