Im confused...

When I was in fourth grade, I met a guy named Nate. He wasn't very nice. He said "you're ugly" and "this school would be better without you" a few times. That was the only time we really talked in fourth grade. Then, in fifth grade, things were WAY different. He would flirt with me like sooo much. I knew it was kind of a joke but he really got flirty. Now, I'm in sixth grade. We sit together at lunch sometimes, and we talk a lot. Omg hes really cute and I think I like him. We talk and laugh and I just want to be with him a lot. I've only told 3 of my friends I like him. One said he likes me. He kinda acts like he does, too. I really like him and I wish he'd ask me out or something. Im just kind of seems like everyone else in sixth grade is "taken". I feel like hes the only one I want to be taken by. I feel like we like each other A LOT. Hes confusing...I just need advice on anything about this situation.

Feb 22, 2013

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  • That kind of "your ugly" s*** means nothing in pre-middle school. If he likes you, go for it. Kids say stupid s***, I know I did.

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