Should I run?

I met a man named James. He's an 'older' man to me but quite attractive.

He owns two companies; an accounting one and a financial planning one. He works out and stays fit- amazing body.

On our first date, I met him at a hotel/bar. I thought we were going to have dinner there, and I was a little early so I went to the bar for a drink. When he arrived (and we'd only met for a few seconds before this occasion) he covered my eyes from behind and then gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He then suggested we sit down on the lounges and sat right next to me, thigh-to-thigh. All very comfortable and touchy-feely for someone you've only just met. He also handed me my glass a couple of times and told me to finish my drink.

He then asked if I wanted to get something to eat and led me out by the hand. He said that we'd take his car- turns out we're eating at his place.

He did try to sleep with me, but I declined. He was very insistent, but at the same time took it well when I asked him to take me back to my car.

I did let him kiss me. I noticed he was very rough and dominating. Far too confident and dominating for a woman you've only just met. At the same time, he was genuinely a nice person. Just... He seems controlling.

So what's the deal? Should I run?

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  • Any updates for us please? It seems that you like him now...

  • You'd better not see this guy again...he may eventually lose his ability to control himself and could force himself upon you. Don't go back.

  • RUN! He's only acting nice to you in public it means he cares about his appearance not you. It sound like you have some self esteem issues as well don't let him treat you like this because you think "your nothing special" he's a class A j*** and doesn't deserve you let a lone a warm corpse. Being forceful like that isn't being 'genuinely nice". Find someone who treats you good when your alone and when your out, you deserve it.

  • I saw him again recently. I think I'm going to have to stay away... I can't decide if he's dangerous or not. He took me out to dinner and then up to a lookout with a beautiful view. Later he drove me back to his place, and it was then I felt for the second time in my life that I might be forced to do something I didn't want to. He's so strong- he did stop short of having s** with me or touching me like that, but there were times when I was trying to stand up and leave. I said 'walk me out to the car', but he wouldn't let me. I was physically fighting him, pushing him away.

    But then he was so gentle and caring once I'd actually made it outside. How far is too far?

    He messages me or speaks to me on the phone every day, and he's not seeing any other women. Why me? I'm nothing special. I'm not an easy f***.

    I think he went too far, but then I feel he's overreacting.

  • Oops. I'm* overreacting, not he's.

  • He just wants s** and is trying to speed up the process. Tell him that you're waiting until marriage and he'll never call you again.

  • Trust your intuition. He seems controlling...he is controlling.

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