Wife finally agrees.

After 9 yrs of marriage, I agreed with my wife we would be more outgoing in our sexuality as a couple. She was 5'4" 124 lite brown hair hazel eyes a very attractive woman. Dressed conservatively but even wearing such was a real looker. Just getting her to wear a mini dress was nearly impossible. Her girlfriends from work helped her pick out some new trending clothes when we went on holiday, which she tried on at home for me. OMG! It was so hard for me not to grab her and take her right then & there! She tried on several short skirts and blouses and strappy heels, and complained, oh this is way to short! You can see my butt! I said, no not really, you won't be bending forward, you'll be standing or seating. So she sat down and crossed her legs and was able to pull the skirt own to cover herself and declared this is ok, this one I'll take, and that's how it was, me convincing her, honey you look great! We're not going out to the local Pub, we'll be over 1200 miles away! Relax, and have fun, dance drink, we'll do some sightseeing, and do whatever we feel like doing. She replied, I don't know, as she was packing her outfits in the suitcase. as I smiled at her. After we arrived, we checked in and previously decided to go visit some local attractions, and come back and lay out by the pool and have dinner around 10:30p. At the pool we met a couple and asked us if we were there for the car show. We said we didn't know there was one a the Hotel, they said its at a Museum in the city about 4 miles away, and asked us if we'd like to go. We both said sure. And we met them later before dinner and had drinks with them. My wife wore a very elegant short one piece dress that had a plunging V neck and was the same in her back, it basically hung from her shoulders, and was to be worn with these padded cups that fit inside the fabric that covered her b******. The wife's boobies were a little to large for those cup things, so I said just wear it without them, or at least take them off and see how the dress looks without them. We were both drinking, and I can tell when she's aroused, her breast swell and her nipples protrude and get hard. She spread the fabric open and it did fit better. She turned side to side and said, oh no, at certain angles you can see my nipples! I said, babe the dress is black, we'll be either outside on the deck or inside, either way its dimly lit and actually not that noticeable.... are sure, I said you look great, lets go. So she strapped on pair of silver heels and off we went. She looked amazing! She had a little buzz, we both did. When she walked her b****** had a little jiggle and her face was glowing. We saw our new friends and they both commented how beautiful she looked. We had a couple cocktails, and agreed to find out table. I sat next to our friends wife, who was wearing a white satin evening dress with nice tanned legs and sexy small feet which she crossed her legs and provided me a glimpse of that glorious spot which all men seek! I said to myself, wow, this is great! My wife was equally being devoured by our new friend seated next to my wife. We had switched to wine, and I said, I don't like to switch but my wife Jo said she'd have a little. After dinner we hung out about another 45 minutes, and we retired to our room with planning to meet up that morning around 11. We met in front, where our new friends said to meet them, they had 2 cars that they were going to drop off at the event, and return for the show that started around 5:30. His wife wasn't there, he explained she wasn't feeling good a female condition, and asked me if I would help him transport one of the cars to the event. I said sure! The cars were both Ferrari's, one black coupe the other yellow convertible. He asked, do you think you're wife mind driving with me in the yellow roadster, I said, ask her. She looked at me, and then said Yes. She got in as he opened the door, the skirt she wore practically rose up to her belly button, but she didn't mind and got in. She wrapped a scarf over her hair, and he said follow me and off we went. It was a great feeling, and my wife said, she was so excited and felt so sexually aroused. That's something I never ever heard her say! She said when he accelerated she raised back into the seat and lifted her legs towards Gio, where he held them and said don't worry, your 1st time? She then remembers saying, Oh my god, and him laughing as she wrapped both hands around his right arm. We just dropped off the cars, and caught a cab to a Cafe and had a bite and a few drinks then headed back to the Hotel to get ready. My wife was now ecstatic about the episode. She went on and on about the excitement and was eagerly looking forward to seeing the cars at tonights venue. I wore a sport shirt/pants and slip on loafers. Jo wore the sexiest outfit she had brought, and didn't raise any concerns about it being too short or revealing too much. Her makeup was so glamorous, her lips were like candy, I wanted to start licking her right there from her toes to her nose, but She said, no no touchy! I said, Oh...I see, she said no you won't and I laughed and rubbed her swollen hot _ussy! And She grabbed me and squeezed me, and murmured hmmmmm and smiled. We met Gio again by the Lobby where he was waiting. His wife wasn't coming, and we have to go now. He kissed my wife on the cheek and helped her in the Cab, and we sat on either side. My wife crossed her legs, purposely rubbing her exposed thigh against his left hand, I pretended not to notice as he was rubbing her inner thigh moving several fingers toward her _agina. She had placed her purse on her lap, as he was now fingering her and she partly slid down and towards him, she opened her purse fumbling for her gloss when we pulled up to the Museum. He got out on the street side, I got out and held the door for Jo, Gio helped her out of the Cab, as she slid out, her skirt was around her hips, and she looked so intoxicating. He held one hand and I the other and we went inside. The show was awesome, we saw some wealthy people and a lot of expensive cars. The woman were sizzling, all dressed so sexy, probably girlfriends, with the wives at home. My wife clung to Gio She loved the attention. He was rubbing her ass, and legs from her ankles to her butt. as the show was ending, we got the cars out about 30 minutes before the end and drove around a little bit before heading back to the Hotel. I parked in front, and went inside and waited for my wife and Gio to join me. The lounge was still open and still quite busy. About 45 minutes had passed, and the Lobby man said to me,do you have everything out of the car sir, I said yes, he said because the transport truck will be arriving in 10minutes out in the back lot by the water where Mr.Gio is parked. I said ok, thanks. So I got my drink and walked over to the back lot. As I got closer I could see people out by the front of the car, as I neared I realized it was my wife Jo, who was totally nude, with Gio behind her pumping his manhood out of her as she kept saying F...me! He pulled her around and was rubbing her between her legs and sucking her b******, as she saw me ,She just stuck out her tongue and pulled his head up and kissed him with and open mouth, as her cradled her butt with both hands, and rammed his -ick deep inside her as she wrapped both legs around his torso. I quietly backed away, it was an intense erotic scene seeing your wife being pleasured and watching her enjoying it openly and freely. She got back to our room hours later, her swollen hot _ussy was on full display and pulsated to the touch, We made love until dawn, She slept until about 4p. She was totally spent sexually. I ordered room service and some flowers arrived with our meal from Gio. He thanked me for helping him, and he wrote a private card to Jo. That was 10 months ago, Jo still hasn't let me read it, but I'm ok with it. My wife hasn't changed, still the same, but once in awhile, I'll come home and she'll surprise me. I'm thinking of doing the same to her one weekend evening, telling her to wear something sexy & revealing, then bring one of my mates from work, over for a few beers to chill dance and meet the Mrs's at big black guy who has a certain affinity for sexy white married lass's !

Apr 27, 2021

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  • On hoiday few years ago my wife and i got friendly with another couple alot older than us . we had alot of drinks one evening and dont know how it happened but i was with his wife and i was with his all in same room . have to admit some feeling watching ur wife bent over doggie style been f***** and loving it .while i doing the same .

  • I saw a live s** act in Hawaii once years ago, and always had this silly urge to do it myself. My wife was having none of it, but I pestered her and finally got her to agree to do it, but in front of only one guy.
    We looked around for a very long time, had no luck in finding anyone acceptable to her, and any of our friends were out of the question.
    Then in a local night club one guy, call him a cowboy type, boots, hat and everything asked her to dance. She had danced with a few other guys before, but this was different in that in short order they were getting real close.
    Back at our table, she asked me, "Will that guy do?"
    I grinned and told her it was up to her, so she invited him over, explaining it was just a show.
    Back home, we were on the bed with the guy watching, and I got her stripped, she was getting pretty frisky.
    But then the guy got up, came over and sat on the edge of the bed, I had her on her back and spread out. He started to touch her and she clearly did not object.
    So, my fantasy of us making love in front of someone became me watching her make love to someone else.
    He is now a regular with us, about twice a month he drops by, and she is always willing. But it has made her far more sexy, and I get the benefits.

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