Does he love me?

We've been dating since February and two weeks after he told me he loved me. I have already made it clear that I am going to remain celibate until marriage and he said he was doing the same.

From what I've seen he has good morals and values but announcing his love for me only after two weeks makes me suspicious. Makes me think that he wants something.

He randomly mentions that he want to go on vacation with me on our next break and I should come home with him to meet his parents.

He has also said something like "Do you know how happy I'll be to wake up and find you next to me?"

It's seems cute and sweet. Do you think this could be love? I don't really want to let my guard down until I know he's sincere. I don't want to get played and hurt.

And I know when he says it, he wishes me to say it back but I can't until I'm sure what I'm feeling. And I think two weeks is too quick to know if you love someone. Maybe he's getting caught up in emotions?

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  • Loving someone and being in love with someone are 2 different things. You should talk to him about rushing feelings.

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