Trying to get a married women pregnant.

For some strange reason, a lot of married women want me to knock them up while still being married to their husbands.

They literally shower me with very expensive gifts and do crazy kinky things with me.

Whenever I suggest a condom, they absolutely refuse to have s** with me unless I do not wear one and promise to e******** inside of them.

More than once have I engaged in unprotected s** with internal e********** on a 'first date' with married women.

In reality, I also enjoy the fact that they want to to be knocked up by me. I love getting women pregnant without the responsibility of raising them.

Mar 17, 2013

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  • I love impregnating married women.

  • I'm proud to have gotten 14 women pregnant over the years. Most aborted them, but I do have five kids here locally. I'm surprised I've not gotten more pregnant, as I have f***** several hundred over the past 50 years. I've never had s** using a condom, and have always made sure to keep my c*** as deeply inside as possible when I c**. My most successful impregnation has been my sister, as I have gotten her pregnant six times over the years. Unfortunate she is too old to get pregnant any more, but we do still have s**.

  • Wouldn't be to proud. I'm sure these so called women were not women of quality. Man. You and your sis are messed up. Good thing this is bogus.

  • Love for my wife to date married men for s**, we have a daughter from such, we have been married 2 yrs, and we plan to have at least 4 kids from other men, I love seeing my wife with big belly knowing she is carrying anothers baby , but I will be dad.

  • OP here,

    Having s** with married women is much better than having s** with single women.

    I have a fetiish for unprotected s** and enjoy c****** inside another man's woman. Almost every woman I have been with, I have 'stolen' from another man. Some were just boyfriend/girlfriend but I guess it's similar.

    The risk of std is always there but It is lessened when you have s** with a married woman. There is nothing more thrilling than entering a p**** for the first time with no condom. The kicker is that, after I c** inside them, a lot if the women tell me that they make their husbands wear condoms. I have put a condom on here and there but the women have all peeled it off of me. I think I have only known p**** once with a condom on.

    Getting snipped is not an option because a large part of my sexual desire and pleasure comes from wanting to get women, especially married women, pregnant.

    In reality, I do not know how many children I have floating out there. The pattern is that the women have s** with me for a few weeks to a few months. But then the relationship immediately stops even when it is hot and heavy.

    I have moved a lot as well due to my profession. Yes, they can look me up but in the years of doing this, I haven't been hit up for child support yet.

  • I have had s** with hundreds of women,most of them married.Amazingly,I have never knocked a married one up.I am starting to be angry with myself.Guys like you are so luck.I would do anything to knock a married woman up,especially a white,asian or hispanic one. For the record,I have 4 kids with two women and am very responsible dad.

  • damn sexy. and i mean DAMN sexy!! Wish I could do what your doing!!!

  • I realize you're a guy and a willing woman is a go, no matter what, and she's at fault because she's the married one... but, if you ever got caught their husband would have your head - I know I would.

  • Just wait until they make you take a paternity test then you're f*****. The best solution is to get snipped - then c** inside of them all you want!

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