Antibacterial soap is a major danger.and should never be overused

Antibacterial soap is a major danger to your health,my health.and the health of children,and all people who may over-use antibacterial soap.Antibacterial soap is a Health haz .there-fore.we must boycott all sale's of antibacterial soap.Just until a warning label is on top of the sale of all antibacterial soap.People must never ever ever ever Ever wash their face with antibacterial soap.Children should never use antibacterial soap,without any adult supervision.Teen's should never use antibacterial soap for bad acne.And most of should never take a full body bath with alot of Antibacterial soap in the water of your bath tub,and you bathing in it.Antibacterial soap is a major disaster for all people who may mis-use or over-use it.we must put warning label's on the sale's of all antibacterial soap.We must stop the corruption of all the corporation's of antibacterial soap.We must put warning label's on all Antibacterial soap's.On what we can,and what we cannot do with Antibacterial Soap.We must stop the corruption of Antibacterial soap.

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  • This post sounds like its some dude from Nigeria or something 😅
    And guess what,I've just used ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP!!!!!!!

  • I'd be bang alongside you on this matter-- if you use the phrase "antibacterial soap" six or seven more times, in various (and often inaccurate) forms.

    That was sarcasm, son. Get a fvcking grip!

  • The misuse of punctuation,such as commas.and periods,is a much,much worse and more dangerous problem than the misuse of soaps.and the only things worse than that is the pointless capitalization of Words that shouldn't be capitalized.And the totalabuse of apostrophes to pluralize Word's when the rule in the english Language has always been that you never pluralize anything With punctuation.apostrophes are only used to do one of two things:show possession or Create contraction's.people might pay more attention to you if you knew how to Use the language you want them to read.

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