Jealousy - help *

This might be weird, so...
well, my best friend, who is a boy [and i'm giving him a fake name so i can tell better the story - Pedro], before we were "ultimate" best friends he already had a best friend , [and i'm giving her a fake name so i can tell better the story - Jessica] .
So Jessica got a boyfriend and she forget about Pedro, and in that time i became very close with pedro, we were already best friends but we became much closer. Last week, she apologise to him and now they're cool, i think. I got a little jealous.
But what i really get jealousy about is when she asks him to take a photo with her, he says "yes"
And when i ask him to take a photo with me, he doesn't take it i still beg him and ask him million times, and he doesn't take it.
Now i am even afraid to ask him, cause i'm afraid to be more hurt.
Me and him are so close i spent all my time with him.
What should i do?? :|

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