I played Second Life and I was not truthful

I use to play Second Life (a virtual world game for those that have no idea what I speak of). I had lots of friends in the game, and became quite popular. I also made some really good friends from all over the states. I never met them in person, but then I really couldn't either. I had given them fake pictures, and even a fake name.

Privacy is not an excuse. There is never an excuse to pass off pictures that are not you as your own. The fake name is excusable - maybe, but not the pictures. That was beyond wrong.

These people came to like and trust me, and I liked them very much too, but of course it could only go so far since I was a liar and a fraud. Eventually I had to walk away, and I think they did catch me in my lies. Nothing came of it.

Why did I do it? Well, I was in a sad place in my life and I didn't like myself very much. I felt the fake pictures were a much more attractive person. I wanted to try being someone else for a while. Again, this is not justification for my behavior - there is none.

I don't use Second Life anymore. I am in a better place in my life. I like me. I like my life. I have friends in real life, and I am far more social these days. I think I am attractive too, albeit not perfect - and I don't look anything like the pictures I used.

I wish I could apologize to those I was close with that I lied to. I don't think they want to hear it, and I wouldn't blame them, but I do genuinely feel bad for being a liar, a fraud, and a lame/fake friend.

Jun 29, 2016

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  • I'd say the majority of people on second life are doing just as you did. Second life is set up for people to look like they want to look via an avatar, many people aren't happy with their looks or they want to be the opposite gender. I wouldn't feel too much shame about it all, one guy I know on there pretended to be a woman for over a YEAR, had an online sexual relationship with a guy and never told him. Now that's something to apologize for. I bet many of your "friends" were lying too.

  • Sometimes it's nice to confess.

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