Likes it in my pants!

I'm a guy in his 50's who (since my youth) periodically
enjoys being penetrated by another guy. Laying stomach
down and bottom up with legs spread, cheeks parted being
slowly f*****. My love ring gripping hard c*** with each
uncontrolled spasm. Ive never been quite use to the inital penetration
but after a few minutes pain becomes bliss. I can't seem
to stop.

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  • I got f*CKD last night after reading this post.... I just had to try it....taking another's c*ck with a slow and steady penetration. Feeling his thick full bush b**** deep and volumes of hot c*m gushing inside of my once cherry cheeks. I was definitely his for the taking after nodding a shy "yes" within moments of him tearing my underpants off.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! I love that you have enjoyed being penetrated by men. It is something that I have only recently done and, like you, loved it.

  • You have a true man p****. One that's meant to be f***** full of c**. Have you ever been with multiple lovers? A cream pie.

  • I have now...your suggestion made me want to. It had to be the right moment tho, to be a cream pie s***. I started the evening as a batboy and finished the catcher to a five man team, it was their ball game. Five players an assortment of size, shape and color, all of masculine beauty. When they stepped up to the plate they all got on base, and then the grand slam. I their true fan squealing with the excitement of a thick penetration as b**** bounced with my infield. I was played the whole nine innings and their score was my score. I left the stadium (their hotel room) my white cttn bikini undrpnts tattered and c** filled.

  • Nothing like a slow forceful penetration to make a tight fresh bottom want more. Apprehensive quivering soft warm fleshy cheeks wiggling like a puppy as my hot shafts head parts flesh. Slowly forced, gripping tightly, now still in the moment, your back arches and your sweet cheeks rise to make me welcome.

  • Christ, you are so filthy. I think I love you.

  • I love you to love me... I know it's a song I'd love to be singing!

  • i want so very very very badly to enter your love ring and have you grip me with it and to then fill you, first with meat, then with cream. thats when i would lay over you with me still buried inside your body and tell you, 'i really do love you'. you would smile and then massage me with your love ring, bring me back to an erection, and then i would fill you again, first with meat, then with cream. we would continue that process until you told me you were fully satisfied. i wouldnt stop before you were totally satisfied because i wouldnt want you to back out into the world still hungry because i would be afraid you would find someone else to take care of you. i would love you and your satisfaction would be the main thing to me. and your love ring would be the focal point of my existence.

  • My love rings fluttering contraction uncontrolled by the persistent penetration stretched thin like a piano wire.....grips your pulsating c*ck.I can count the beat of your heart with legs spread and shy cheeks parted, you nest with the warm smooth flesh of my cream filled bottom.

  • You are making me h**** for the meat, too. DAMN!!

  • .....ditto here.....getting achy for that c*** in me......

  • ever since you guys started writing about this i have started thinking more and more about going out and trying to find this kind of action. you make me incredibly hard and unbelievably h**** and i have started trying to figure out how to secretly get away from my wife and kids for a few hours every so often so i can feel what all of you are feeling. i want to feel my own love ring tightening around the shaft of a hung man who knows how to stroke me. and i even love the idea of being 'owned'.

  • It doesn't have to be hung...your love ring will tightly grip it whatever the size. The ecstasy cherry that's only a short penetrating distance to heaven, just can't wait to be played with!
    all you have to do is make that play date.

  • He's absolutely right. And in fact, a smaller d*** will probably be more to your liking, because a bigger one --- at least until you adjust to having things going in and out of you --- is likely to tear you and cause fissures and bleeding, and that is NOT exciting or pleasing. I totally love what this poster said about the "ecstasy cherry": I'd never thought of it that way, but that's exactly what it is. And your lover will hit it as soon as the head 'plops' in. And he's right about another thing: that 'plop' really IS heaven!! Go find yourself a man!!!!

  • I'm your age and I'm having an affair with a guy in his early 20s who works with my wife. It's amazing how dominant he is and how submissive I can be. He's making me a true bottom for him alone. I know just how you feel.

  • For me a large part of the thrill is just subjecting myself to another man. Well, actually, to a very well-hung man who knows how to plow the field. I love being "taken" and ruined.

  • I like it average to small...they tend to work it longer, and I can feel them c**.

  • Very hot. Very VERY hot.

  • It is! so very very is!

  • I have inserted vibrators in my ass, even though I don't like the feel, it gives me a raging hard-on. I have often wondered what it would be like to get the real thing with a couple. But I would have to do his wife.

  • same with me: the penetration is uncomfortable, nearly painful, but i get an erection like none other.

  • I completely agree with what a couple of other guys have said here: you write beautifully and you should be doing that for a living. The way you describe the act is wonderful and it's incredibly hot. Keep going......professionally.

  • You are one seriously hot piece, aren't you. Wish you were mine.

  • Everything is a possibility!

  • I dream and fantasize of that very possibility, and I've been doing that ever since you first posted this message. I want you. I WANT YOU!!!!

  • I'd love to be yours to have....

  • It would be good for me to own you. But it would be better for you to be owned by me. Ownership is even better than you imagine.

  • Hot cream filled love muffin.... juicey!

  • Ommfg.........when you talk about your love ring "gripping" that way i can feel it in my shaft and it makes me want to fill you up with cream.......damn!

  • I'd love to be your cream filled pastry puff....

  • If you lived near me, you would belong to me. You would come by my condo every morning before work, and I'd send you off to the office or the job with your ass filled with my cream. Sore, but not too sore to walk or to do your work, but just enough so you'd remember what intense perversity I'd done to you that morning. You would come to me at lunch time, and willingly receive more of my love, my shaft and my juiciness, then go back to work, with my cream still swimming around inside your a*** cavity, and occasionally leaking out your hole --- just enough leaking out so that it would soothe your a*** (and lubricate it a little, for later). Then, after you got off work, you'd come back to my place again, aching for the seriously hard f*** you need.........and I'd give it to you. You know I would. You know it. We would f*** for an hour, then another, then another. Harder each time. Rougher each time. Dirtier each time. Filthier each time. Then, finally, exhausted, you'd beg me to stop, and you'd go home to your precious little wife and your precious little children, with an ass filled with my cream, and you'd go into your house, with my cream slowly crawling out of your ass and slithering down the backs of your legs. You would sleep in the bed with your wife, knowing that you'd been used, abused, pleased and fully satisfied by someone who loves you and who knows how to give you just exactly what you need. Yes, yes, yes, my really would be MY cream filled pastry puff. Mine. MINE. And your wife would be able to f****** smell it on you, but she'd never know what you were up to. And she would never know that you were MINE.

  • You're so right....yours!

  • Yes, you would totally belong to me. I would allow you to retain the image of a happily married man if you wished, to live at home. to be a husband and a father, but you would know who controlled your life, and you would know who permitted your marriage and family to continue, and you would come to me whenever you needed release, whenever you needed heat, whenever you needed humbling, and whenever you needed love. None of that would come from your marriage: it would ONLY come from me. It would only come from me driving my manhood deep into your throat, or your ass, and then emptying my sac into you and filling your body -- and your life -- with cream. You would be LITERALLY cream-filled. And you would be LITERALLY happy.

  • U-oh! I've got to go change my underpants!!!

  • That's fine................but don't wash the ones you just took off: I want to smell what you did in them. Why? Because like you, that smell and all the hot juices that produced it belongs TO ME!!

  • Conk should spam this confession good...

  • who are you kidding? you want a d*** in your ass so bad you can smell it.

  • I love the way you've presented yourself to me, face-down and open and ready. I would f*** you even harder than usual, because you're so prepared to worship. Aren't you? Yummy.

  • My! ...stop! ... once taken, becomes your yes!..yes!!.oh yes!!!

  • craving the c*** like crazy...........thats what you do to me. all of you.

  • Poo-tang! s***-tang! s***-tang! s***-tang!

  • I understand and agree. When I have another man in my ass, I can't even remember the names of my wife and children: all I can think of is getting more of him into me, deeper, harder, faster and rougher. I love getting used by a man who knows what he's doing.

  • There's nothing like that fresh feeling of being filled by a pleasing top...... you're totally his!

  • yes yes yes yes yes you understand! its a matter of ownership and of being owned!! you get it!!! thank you!!!!!

  • You're right, you little b****. A dominant top like me would f****** OWN your ass after the first penetration. And you know it.

  • I know! You'd take... and make me yours!

  • Alas penetration would imply you have a c***.

  • Yes, I do have a c***, and I'd ruin you with it. And you know it.

  • you perverts are all nasty and sick and demented. which is why i am falling in love with all of you. and its why i want all of you. all of you.

  • I WANT YOU!!!

  • Cool!

  • you are so completely hot and sexy!!

  • are you married? does your wife know about these urges? does she know you act on them?


  • The only thing better than having a c*** in your ass is having one in your ass and one in your mouth and one in each hand. HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

  • I hope you start getting more of this than you're getting. It sounds like you need it and it sounds like you love it, too. And by the way: you should totally be writing gay fiction. The way you express yourself and your desires and your feelings is extraordinary and beautiful. Write more!

  • G******!! Reading all these things you guys are writing makes me hungry for c***. I wanna go somewhere and get f*****!!!!!! All this makes me realize how pitiful and unsatisfying my wife is as a s** partner. I want you all of you have!!!!!!

  • Just Do It.....Think of his manhood pushing, probing, trying to find your sweet spot....plowing a furrow between your warm fleshy mounds.....the hooded beast forces slowly and deep into your tight velvet flesh. It now wears your love ring that truly once opened will never let go.

  • i want you to wear my love ring

  • Jesus, you just made me c**!! TWICE!!!!!

  • Wish it was in me!

  • I wish it was in you, too. Somehow, I sense that the heat between us would be incredible, that we'd both be c****** more often than we ever had in our lives, and that we'd be making such a delicious mess. You would always go home to your wife with some of my c** in you and some on you. But we would do even nastier things than that; things she wouldn't understand and would never believe you were into. NASTY!!!!

  • You can't seem to stop? Why would you ever WANT to?

  • I really don't want to.... I'm just a bit c***-shy.. till it's in me then I don't want to let go!!!

  • I feel the same way. I try to ignore the wanting and pretend to be very proper and hetero, but once I get the meat in me, I become the world's filthiest c***-w****. I go crazy.

  • i would love to lick your love ring..........

  • You're making me h****!

  • I just know you taste good.

  • What a hot tie!

  • you guys are making me crave the meat. i want an assful of it.

  • same here. realy cant get enough.........

  • Oh, my dear sweet mother of Christ! I just totally LOVE your use of the phrase "love ring"!!! Oooh, that makes me ache and throb in my ass, and makes me stiff and wet in my c***! JESUS!! You are sooooooooo m************ HOT!!!

  • Ditto re the OP. That guy is tooooooootally hot. I think I'm in ass love.

  • Wish it was with my ass...

  • Oh, honey . . . it IS your ass!

  • DO ME!

  • Oh, my sweet sweet can have me anytime you want me. You can drive your c*** up my ass and then drive it down my throat. And then repeat. And whenever you're ready, you can open your ass to me and I'll lick you and tongue-f*** you until you can't take any more. Or until you're tired of me and want to have another man. I will belong to you.

  • You make me feel like quite the cheeks parted, bottom up and back arched c*** s***!!

  • Mmmmmmmm, yummmmmmy. You are a delicious little tramp.

  • I'd be your fresh cream filled tramp any day!7

  • hard just from reading these posts. want it f****** bad.

  • I wish I had the nerve to do what all you guys are doing. I would love to slip away from my wife at night and go into a gay bar, or p*** theater, or adult bookstore, and find some super-hung stranger who could and would f*** my brains out and use my mouth and ass as his personal dirty playground. Unfortunately, I just don't have the b**** to actually follow through like you are. So, for me, it's just fantasizing about exploits like yours while I m********* in the shower like a f****** fiend. Jealous!

  • total agreement here. im married but cant stop wanting and going out to get other men. by this stage its not just something i want......its something i have to have. love the feeling of that jacked up heat pole sliding up the back of my legs and approaching my ass, then having a nasty man spread me and enter me and then start driving and pounding and using me. i love being used. i need to be ridden. damn........just reading your post.......makes me need it right f****** now. damn. gotta go make a call to one of my regular tops.

  • Hope he gives you a hard time!

  • LOL.....He actually did give me a hard time. A really hard time. He loves the fact that I'm married and cheating, and he has never pushed me to leave my family or expose my desire for him, which makes me appreciate him even more. But mostly what I appreciate is the way he hammers me. I told him yesterday afternoon that I needed it rougher than usual (because of what all of you have been writing and talking about) and he gave me just exactly what I needed. Repeatedly. Loved it. Still throbbing from the pounding he gave. Delicious.

  • I'm jealous!

  • Haven't gone that far but have found a couple of masseuses who while giving a happy ending will finger my ass. Very enjoyable. If one pulled out a strap-on don't think I could say no!

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