Do i tell him?

I like this guy. Hes older than me and he told me he likes me. I dont know if i should tell him. He has had like 7 gfs in the past and ive never had my first one. Ive never even been on a date. Im afraid he'll take advantage and lose interest when i tell him( cuz i read on the internet thay guys like 'challenges') help?

Apr 23, 2013

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  • Sounds like he is an idiot , whom can not accept a commitment , he is in it for just s**

  • You'll never know until you try. Don't hide forever because you're afraid of getting hurt. It's part of life, and you learn from it. Live!

  • How old are you and how old is he? Do you guys talk a lot? What's his current relationship status?

  • Sadly, he's 22, im only 16. i know youre probably gonna say ill find someone else. but i just.. ugh! i dont know. we talk a lot. he talks to me every night before we go to sleep. i know he likes me. he told me. and i took his phone w/o permission once and saw that his wallpaper is a collage of 6 pictures of me. he doesnt know i looked at his phone.

  • Hes six years older than me. i know thats a lot but idk.. i didnt want to like him. i just did :/

  • Well age doesn't matter, so if you really like this guy I'd say go for it. Its always good to try new things.

  • Correction!! he only had 2 gfs.. really long relationships (last one lasted like 3 3/4 years).. that just made me sad.. im sure we could never happen.. -sigh-

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