For some reason i dont like myself and i dont know why, i have and issue i cant connect with no one, my life is so boring not boys involved and i only have 2 good friends. Its sucks so much. i dont feel conferrable with my skin. And to be honest im not that ugly. this feeling came to me about 1 month ago, maybe because i finally realized that boys don't approach me. Im 18 and i have never had a boyfriend, i have kissed boys before but i haven't felt the feeling about having a boyfriend. when i with my friends i feel like a loser to be honest, they are the once hooking up s***, they are the once hooking up with boys and having a normal teenager life. this feeling is so bad i cant even talk to no one anymore like when i talke these days i just mumbles and strains. I dont eant to have a life like this anymore, i dont trust nobody anymore but my family. I i could move to another country i would definitely move. But i cant

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  • The more you withdraw and isolate yourself the worse it will get. Learn to be a little more out going. If you want boys to start talking to you, you need to learn how to flirt with guys. Get some tips on the internet to learn how to flirt, its easy most of it is making eye contact. If you act stuck-up or like you dont care they will not approach or try to talk to you.

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