I hate black females

I hate and despise black girls.i am not exaggerating. I was bullied all my life by black girls who harassed and spread horrible rumours about me. They ruined my social life even though i was nice to them and tried to be their friends. I actively avoid black girls now. As far as im concered all black females are worth less than dog s*** to me... I wouldnt p*** on one even if it was on fire... Black females are lower than dogshit , maggots and parasites....

If i saw some nappy headed black b**** dying in a ditch somewhere i would look the other way and would not even call 911. Black b**** is on her own

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  • I agree with you black people can be rude at times, but there are some really nice black people out there. You could have been treated like s*** by white girls, it's just instead it was black girls. Your using color as an excuse, get over it you stupid t**.

  • Well I can say this, if I were you I would keep the s$-t to my self. You say that crap around the wrong sister and she will send you too the hospital. I know if you talked that s$-7t in front of me, I'm going to crack your head in half! Better hope you don't meet me dog!

  • No wonder she's scared of black girls, because of people like you. Keep your bull S*** to yourself.

  • Aaaaaw I'm sorry you were so badly mistreated! I really am. I am a lovely black female and had I been in school with you, I would not have tolerated that. I hate bullying. Don't let them win by allowing yourself to dwell in negativity and hate.

  • Oh man some black chicks are amazing in bed. Theyre not all bad

  • Black girls hav 1 use sucking c***

  • Agreed in the bed sucking c*** it feels wonderful like I need more!

  • White girls have one use,taking it in the a***!!

  • Good for you.

  • "Not" good for you! I detest people,
    whom are; racist,discriminative and stereotypical.

  • Don't judge and stereotype the majority of black females,because of a small minority,that mistreated you.Not everyone,is the same.
    Stop being racist!!!!!!!!

  • Good for you now shut up

  • Hate only breeds more hate.....

  • I agree x

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