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My boyfriend and I both go to different high schools, and so far we've been making it work. Calling each other every night and seeing each other once a week. But last night he told me that he needed a break. And why? Because he needs to focus on school and that I'm stopping him from doing that. I just don't understand. We usually only talk for a hour a night and I only see him ONCE a week. I told him that I don't mind not talking as much, or not seeing him as often, but he insists on taking a break until exams are over in a month and a half. I know hes a big flirt and he used to be a huge player but he promised me that he wouldn't hurt me. When I think about it now, it just doesn't make any sense. Maybe is he lying and he just wants to break me off like this. I guess i'll have to find out

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  • He probably found someone else. You don't see each other often, and really, you're in high school there's no need for long distance relationships no matter how close or far. You can find someone else, it won't be an issue at all

  • Hi.

    Sorry honey he's already pulled another philly out of the barn. Iv'e tried long distance relations when i was your age and they simply don't work because as mature as you both might think you are, your not. Problem is are those pesky hormones that drive you to mate with any idiot that passes buy lol you'll be ok just take your time, your first love won't be your last love.

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