I lied about my age and sent nudes online

I lied about my age, saying I am 23 to a guy I met online when in actuality I am only a teenager, and 14. He has seen a picture of me but never got suspicious because I look quite older than I actually am. He asked for some pictures of me naked and I sent them. He won't do anything with them, I know he is trustworthy (and I have pictures of him as insurance) He lives in another country, but lately has been talking about meeting in person. He wants to wait until I'm ready but seeing as I can never meet him I don't want to keep him waiting forever. He deserves someone real. But I don't know how to break up with him, and everyday we talk and I feel guiltier about lying to him. He doesn't deserve to be hurt by the truth. I want to break up but don't want to hurt him. I swear I never meant to hurt anyone. I just wanted to have someone that actually likes me because guys at my school don't have any interest in me and the guy I like doesn't pay me a second glance. It was never supposed to go this far. I feel terrible.

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  • Umm hey lol

  • I am seriously curious if you do look 23. Would you consider sending me some pictures and letting me decide for myself?

  • If it were me, I'd rather know the truth than to have you break up with a lie. The truth would help him move on quicker too. Regardless of how it ends, it'll hurt some, the truth would make it easier for him to move on. On the off chance that he's has an unhealthy attachment or insanely in love with you (possible, considering he found this relationship online), maybe it wouldn't bother him and he'd probably plead to keep it up until you're of consenting age. But that's another problem.

  • Almost any girl that age looks over 18, the chemicals and bullshit in food and dairy are making girls curvy and voluptuous by the time they're 12

  • It okay I sent my pic to a few guys

  • That's an awful thing to do to someone. I would be devastated if I knew I was tricked into looking at underage nudity. And you could seriously get him into legal trouble! I hope you learned a lesson. :(

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