Im so tired of people talking my kindness for weakness, thinking im dumb all that. I im so tired of fake ass people. I cant believe my friends are slowly turning back on me, its kinda shocking i wasn't accepting this at all. 2013 this year is the most f***** up year in my life. But anyways after all i did for these people they are treating me like a f****** dog, well what can i say i came to these world alone and you are going to die alone. Im so tired of trying to make tings in order and trying to make them conferrable, and i really tough they liked me for who i im.
these b****** are acting crazy and s*** and im so tired of that. Im going to leave it as it is, i dont need no one looking down on me, i dont need fake ass friends and i deffo dont need people judging me for who i am.

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  • But you DO need a friggin' dictionary...

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